How To Stop a Stalker

A lot of times stopping a stalker begins with saying no at the first sign of them being relentless or bothersome. Stalkers take advantage of people who have the habit of being “nice” and not being able to deny what other people ask of them. A stalker will press on and try to harass you in order to get information from you. If this happens you have to make a stand and just say no. Here are some signs to look out for.

  • A casual acquaintance that comes on too strong
  • A person who is always at the places you go and tries to dominate your time
  • If they ask you about your relationships
  • If the insist on driving you home or whenever you want to go
  • If they get upset and jealous easily
  • If they use threats like hurting themselves if you do not do what they want

These situations are just a few examples of what stalkers might do. If the stalker does anything that makes you feel unsafe and uncomfortable make sure that you tell it to other people. Call the attention of you friends and ask them to accompany you to make the stalker leave. Never give out you address or phone number no matter what reasons they have. You must make it clear that you are not interested on having any kind of relationship with them. Don’t try to be nice and discreet. They are predators and they won’t easily stop until they get what they want.

Keep detailed records of your entire encounter with the stalker. This is necessary should the case need to be prosecuted. Try to find out details about you stalker like the plate number of the car he or she is driving. Having witnesses on all occasions if possible will greatly help your case. They can testify and confirm your experiences with the stalker. Also having multiple witnesses might be enough to make the stalker decide to stop. Avoid going out on your own or even being in the house alone. Find a friend to accompany you and help you in case the stalker comes by.


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