How To Stop an Argument

Most people think that an argument can always lead to a nasty and negative outcome. On the contrary, having an argument with another person is perfectly okay and does not always result to unpleasant behaviors from both parties. In fact, it is a way of declaring each other's thoughts and opinions about a certain topic, which should ideally lead to one united conclusion. This could only go wrong if both parties are stubborn and does not want to listen to what the other person has to say. If open communication is poor, both persons will never reach a common ground to agree on. This is the perfect time where you need to stop it. If left alone, this can escalate to verbal and physical abuse. Read on to learn more.

  1. Stop and take a breather. This can help both parties regain their composure. Go to the bathroom or have a smoke outside. Use this time to calm yourself down. If you will not be able to relax for five to ten minutes, politely excuse yourself and go for a walk or a thirty minute drive. Just make sure that you come back. However, if you do not feel like arguing anymore, calmly say that you are tired and need to rest. Never leave the other person hanging. This will just make the already heated situation become worse than it already is.
  2. Listen!!! Never dismiss the person that you are arguing with. This is rude and very improper. Make an effort to understand what the other party is saying to you. Digest it and carefully think about what was being said in a rational way. If you disagree on something, calmly express it; do not let your emotions take over you. This step can easily break off any kind of argument in less than two minutes!
  3. Do not interrupt. This is a bad and truly hideous habit! Interrupting someone only shows how ill-mannered you are. This can also be very annoying in so many levels. Keep quiet and let the person finish talking. Never assume that you already know what is on other people's minds and do not even try to finish their sentence! Patiently listen and stop your know-it-all behavior.
  4. Get rid of your pride. Accept your faults and sincerely apologize for it. Never justify something that you have wrongfully done. That is just does not make any sense. You cannot justify something that is completely wrong! So cut the crap and just admit your mistake.
  5. Be honest and clear. It is very important that you accurately say what you think and mean what you say. Be honest with your thoughts, feelings and the like. Make sure that you are able to convey this clearly. Be literal and stop using terms with double meanings. There is really no point in doing this and you are just wasting both of your time.

Just follow these very simple steps and you can easily break off any arguments that might come your way. As long as you remain collected, you can never go wrong. Remember to be more open with others. It is also crucial that you are able to express yourself clearly to avoid any additional frustration. Good luck!


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