How To Stop Attention Seeking Behavior

Attention seeking behavior is a psychological disorder wherein a person has this innate need to be noticed or be the center of attention at all times. This type of personality can start at a very young age. If it is not addressed immediately, it can intensify through their adult life. Most individuals who have this disorder are often emotionally immature. This is their way to hide their insecurities and issues. For them, whatever attention they are getting only validates their self-worth. This is truly an unhealthy way to look at life. However, there are things that you can do to stop this attention seeking behavior. It can be difficult but it is all worth it. Read on to learn more.

  1. Identify the cause. Take the time to completely understand why you are having this kind of behavior. Spend some quiet time alone and start to internalize your life, issues, relationships and the like. This step can be difficult at first but you'll get through with this. Keep your mind open and erase all pre-set notions. Think about why do you need so much attention? Write all your answers down on a piece of paper. Now read it out loud. This will help you face your issues, making it a bit easier to accept.
  2. Reassess your self-worth. What is worth and how do you know if you are important to someone? These should be the first two questions that you need to answer when doing this step. Your worth should be based on values that make the very core of your soul. It should be something that gives you purpose and meaning. Integrity and respect are some examples of this. Your self-worth should not be based on how popular you are or how much attention that you are getting. You only need yourself to accurately measure your own value.
  3. Love yourself! Stop hiding behind your popular façade. If you want a happier life, then learn to treat yourself well. You can do this by being real and honest, by learning to respect yourself, by utilizing integrity in your life again. You will soon realize that your behavior is hurting the inner you. Everything will fall into place as soon as you begin to love yourself properly.
  4. Seek true relationships. Looking for attention is a shallow way of meeting friends. Since you love yourself, you should start building relationships. Nurture it until it blooms. Their attention is worth a thousand times more! Because this time, it has meaning.

Just follow these challenging but very effective steps and you will definitely see some notable results. A big dose of patience is required in order for you to successfully do this procedure. Understand that these people need your help. They need constant care and affection at all times. They may be confident in the outside but they have a very low self-esteem in the inside. Again, this is just a cover up for all their concerns that is quite hard for them to deal with. Be consistent and let them know that they truly matters. Good luck!


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