How To Stop Being Over Sensitive

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Over sensitivity is being extremely affected by any external influence that can scarcely affect a normal person. This type of individual usually cannot tolerate any kind of constructive criticism that regular people can easily endure. Their feelings easily get hurt when someone comments on their personality, they often have a rollercoaster-like moods and they commonly despise loud noises and sounds. There are a lot of causes of this kind of behavior. It could be the person had a rough childhood, insecurities, fear of people and judgment, difficulty coping with a lot of personal issues, etc. If you want to learn more about how to stop being over sensitive, read on and discover these effective steps that can help you cope with this dilemma.

  1. Open your mind. Understand that everyone has different perceptions, opinions, thoughts and moods. Stop shutting yourself away from others. It is important that you are exposed to other people's feeling as well. Do not expect that everyone can understand you. Take the time to listen and comprehend what they are saying without making any judgments. You can effectively do this by removing all your preconceived notions. Think rationally not emotionally.
  2. It's not all about you! Stop being too narcissistic and make an effort to understand other people as well. Care more by reaching out to others. Be empathetic by putting yourself in someone else's shoes. You have to be aware that there are a lot of things that are more important than your own feelings. If someone commented on something in the wrong manner, do not take it personally. Be perceptive by thinking how this person currently feels. Maybe he's having a rough day or he's upset about something. Whatever it is, it is not because the person is out to get you.
  3. Be confident. Being insecure will only worsen your over sensitivity problems. It is very important that you learn to love and treat yourself well. Increase your self-worth and stop living inside your bubble. Learn and accept who you really are. This way, when someone criticized you, you are able to accept it graciously with a smile.
  4. Change the way you think. Get rid of all your pre-set beliefs, pride, wrong perceptions and narrow-mindedness. Start basing everything on what you have experienced. Be rational and factual at all times. Do not let your emotions overrule your logical mind. This can be difficult at first but as soon as people start to notice this wonderful change, you will soon receive a lot of pats on the back.

Dealing with this behavior means that you need to face all your issues and fears. It is important that you realize that people around you are not out to get you. On the contrary, they want to help you! If you hear any kind of criticism or comments, do not take this against them, they just want you to improve. Do not be afraid of change because this particular element that makes you and everyone grow. Just follow these tips and you will soon be a better person. Good luck!


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