How To Support Your Pregnant Wife

You just found out the good news, you are having a baby. In a few months time you will be holding a bundle of joy in your arms. You will see a baby who looks like you, with your nose and your wife’s loving eyes. But before all that, your wife will still need to go through nine months of hormonal changes, mood swings and emotional insecurities. To support her through these months, follow the advice below.

  1. If this is a first time pregnancy then your wife needs you more than ever. You need to purchase books that would help her understand and know what to expect during this time. Help her decide in choosing a doctor who she can trust and relate with well. Find out if she immediately wants to relay the good news to your relatives and friends or just keep this beautiful secret between you for now. Decisions like this done early on in pregnancy is a good start.
  2. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride. Pregnant women are known for their mood swings. These could be outbursts of anger, intense emotional sensitivity or feelings of euphoria. The last the least of it though. Be patient and always remember during arguments that it might not be her that’s irrational, it’s the effect of pregnancy.
  3. Lend her a helping hand at home. If you do not usually do any household chores when she was not pregnant, then this is the time to prove you can. Washing the dishes, doing the laundry are some things that you can do that will surely make her give a sigh of relief and be thankful that you are her husband. Remember that usual chores that she had easily done before might be a bit difficult especially in the latter part of pregnancy.
  4. Be ready financially. Save up and assure her that she does not have to worry about anything when the baby comes. This is something that pregnant women stress about when having a baby. Plan well so that when the baby comes you have a well-painted nursery ready with everything that a baby needs to be comfortable and safe. This makes your wife’s mind at ease.
  5. Make her feel beautiful. Pregnant women get depressed due the expected weight gain, some even have allergies from their body’s reaction to hormones. Even though she looks and feels like she will never get the old her back. Make her feel loved by being more romantic. Take her out as if you just met her, give her flowers or simply a love letter telling her how happy you are that she will be the mother of your children. It may be melodramatic but it is something that will make her look forward to the days that will come.

Pregnancy is definitely not the easiest thing to go through but if you are there for her it would be not so much of a pain. Just listen more, appreciate well and be excited for the new addition to your family. Love your wife and make her feel that she is the luckiest pregnant woman in the world.


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