How To Take Emotional Care of Old People

Getting old is an unavoidable natural event that everyone goes through.  Unless you are immortal, it cannot be prevented at all.  As a person matures, his personality, conduct and behavior also changes.  If you want to learn how to take emotional care of old people, you need to understand the full impact of mortality to men.  Look back and understand how a person develops from childhood to adulthood.  The cycle of life includes the following human attributes:

1st Phase:  As a child, you are very dependent on others.  You cannot live by yourself because you need sustenance from the people that loves you.  You will start to learn new things and develop new skills.  This is a continuous process that will lead you to the next phase. 

2nd Phase:  As you begin to mature, you will become independent.  You will apply all the things that you have learned and you will build new networks of relationships.  You will work in order to survive and to get what you want.  It is in this phase that will make or break the significant value of your life. 

3rd Phase:
  As you grow old, your body and mind will start to age as well.  Your body will become weak and your mind will lose its edge.  All your learned skills will become useless due to your limited capabilities.  As your body begins to deteriorate, you’ll become dependent on other people for sustenance again.  This is the last phase of your life.  The cycle is now complete.

Remember, you will be handling individuals who are already on the 3rd phase.  They may be experiencing some serious repercussions about the life that they have lived.  Your understanding will be the key to their hearts.  With this in mind, read on to learn how to emotionally care for old people.

  • Patience.  Expect erratic behavioral changes from old people.  They are the most stubborn and cranky bunch that you will ever encounter.  Do not take this personally.  There are a lot of reasons for this behavior and it just so happens that you are there to absorb their obnoxious conducts.  Stand your ground and be patient.  This is the only way for you to get through them.
  • Kindness and sincerity.  Show true concern by being kind even if they are not.  You will never have a problem doing this as long as you are sincere with your intention to emotionally support them at all times.  Address them with a loving touch and a smile, even if they frown.  Show them that you are happy with what you are doing and that you like their company.
  • Listen.  Old people have plenty of tales and you can surely learn a lot from them.  Having someone to talk to will become their emotional release to all their frustrations, regrets and fears.  Heal their wounded souls by letting them talk about their past experiences. 
  • Respect.  Even if they are dependent on you, never patronize them.  In order to effectively care for them emotionally, it is important that you gain their trust and the only way that you can do that is by showing them respect.

Just follow these simple tips and you will surely touch their old souls.  If done correctly, you’ll be able to give happiness and peace of mind even to the most troubled men.  Remember, they still deserve this last act of kindness regardless of how they lived their life.


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