How To Tell if a Girl Likes You

Women often seem like a big mystery to the men who wish to date and hopefully marry them. It is difficult for a guy to know if a girl likes him or if she is just playing games. There are no easy answers, because women are not all the same. Still, there are a few steps you can take to find out if a girl likes you.

  • Watch Her Body Language. If you don't pay attention to her body language, or haven't figured out what to look for, you're missing a ton of indicators! An interested girl may lean close when speaking to you. She may smile when you look at her. Notice if she touches you often, just brushing your arm, or maybe touching your shoulder. Does she look into your eyes when you are talking to her? Does she fidget with her hair while you are around? These are all telltale signs of attraction that you can look out for when courting that special someone.
  • Pay Attention To How She Listens. When you talk, does she focus on you or do her eyes wander? An interested girl gives you her undivided attention when you tell a story. She likely asks your opinion and listens to the answer as well, showing that she cares what you have to say.
  • Talk To Her. You can’t get to know someone without talking to them and spending time together. If you want to know if she likes you, you must be neither overbearing nor afraid of rejection. For a successful approach, lighten the mood with humor. If you can make a woman laugh, half of the battle is over.
  • Notice How Often She Calls Or Texts You. If you are friends and exchange text messages or phone calls, pay attention to when she contacts you. Does she only call when she’s bored or all her friends are out? Or does she call you just to say hello in the morning or wish you good night just before she goes to bed? If she calls because she is thinking of you, she’s interested. If she calls because she wants something, she may be playing a game or just looking for a friend when she is alone.
  • Watch Her With Her Friends. Some girls seem to have a different personality when they are with their friends. If the girl you have your eye on seems great when you are alone, but you don’t like her as much when she’s with her friends, you may want to stay away. One of two things may be happening. Either she is easily manipulated to make other people (like her friends) happy or she doesn’t know what she wants and that includes what she wants with you.
  • Invite Her For Coffee. Some girls just won’t make the first move. She might not flirt or ask you out but she will respond to an invitation. If the girl you desire says yes, then she definitely likes you. But it may just be as a friend, so go back to step three and talk to her. Listen to what she has to say as well.
  • Man and woman in loveTell Her How You Feel. Some girls want to know a guy is interested before they make up their own minds. It may not be fair for you to have to make the first move, but sometimes it happens. If you like her, let her know. If you think a girl likes you but you don’t have the same feelings, let her know you aren’t interested and then give her the space to deal with it in her own way.
  • She Is Always Near You. When a girl likes you she will make a conscious effort to be around you more. This is in an effort to get your attention and let you know how she feels. So watch to see how she spends her time. Does she contact you to see what you are doing before making plans for the night? Does she show up to events that you will be attending as well? If so, look closer at her body language because she probably likes you.
  • Is She Asking Questions? When a girl likes you she will ask an abundance of questions in order to ascertain your dating status. In other words she will want to know if you are single. When she finally does discover you are “on the market” she will smile and probably throw out the fact that she is single as well. Don't miss out on the opportunity to ask her out if she does.
  • Notice How She Acts Around Other Men. When a girl likes you she will exhibit many of the above signals. But she will not behave the same when talking to other men. Get the girl in the same room and see how she acts around men other than you. If she is not flirtatious with them, then she likes you. If she is then she may just be “flirty” by nature.
  • Return The Gesture. A girl who is interested in you will make eye contact. Anytime you look at her, she will try to lock on to your gaze to let you know she is interested. At that moment you will need to let her know that you like her as well. The best way to do this is to simply smile. When she looks in your eyes a smile back will tell her all she needs to know.
  • She May Not Seem Interested. Have you ever looked at a girl who then quickly looked away from you? I bet that left you wondering, “What's that about?” It is another way to know she likes you. She looks away quickly so that you do not see her checking you out. The best way to handle this is to walk up and strike up a conversation.
  • The Head Tilt. This is an often missed signal that a girl likes you. When a girl is interested in you she will tilt her head when you speak. This is something that most women do and is a tell tale sign that the woman has a crush on you.
  • She Lets You Touch Her. Women can be very particular about their personal space. That is why it is important to notice signs that deal with touching. If the girl touches you or allows you to touch her this is a sure sign that she likes you. A girl who is not interested will wave off any physical advances.

All women are not the same. It’s never easy to know if a girl likes you. Spend some time with her and get to know her. If she is interested, she will let you know once she feels comfortable that she can trust you and she knows that you return the interest.


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