How To Tell Someone He May Be an Alcoholic

A lot of us enjoy a drink or two once in a while. We have our own reasons why we have those drinks but some do not have a reason--they take a drink all day and every day of the week. At first, we think nothing of a person's drinking behavior – if meeting someone for the first time – but over the course of getting to know someone, we start to grow concerned that he may be an alcoholic. But how do we go about telling someone we know and care for that he may be an alcoholic?

There are a lot of ways of telling someone that he or she may be an alcoholic but the key is how you come across saying it. Here are some tips so that you may help someone with a drinking problem.

Step 1

If the person is known to get violent, then find a professional that can help you tell your friend about his drinking problem.

Step 2

Seat them down with other friends and family members who see what you see. Straight to the point, tell that friend why all of you are meeting and make sure everyone in the room expresses their feelings. Sometimes there is no other way but to be straight to the point and face to face. If this does not work, get creative. Follow the next few steps.

Step 3

Write a note or leave a voicemail expressing your true feelings. Sometimes a person can not take the heat face to face but they can do well with a written letter or a voice-mail. This will give them time to think about what they are doing to themselves.

Step 4

Record that friend while he or she is drinking.  Capture all of their behavior and when sober show them your recording. Some people will not like to see themselves act the way they were acting on that tape.

Step 5

If you are the drinking partner of that friend, and you shad stopped because you realize of your problem and want them to realize it as well, stop associating yourself with that person. This will make them wonder what happened to you and when they call, you can tell them why you have stopped. This may give them the boost they need to realize their own problem.

Be gentle and firm as you let a friend know that he may be an alcoholic.  You do not want him to feel as if he is getting picked on.


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