How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Have Sex

It started out simple. A boy likes you and you like the boy. Soon romance flourished and now you are in love and have become a hot item. Who knows? You might even love the guy.

Now that you and the guy are boyfriend and girlfriend, your relationship has grown significantly. In fact, you and your boyfriend have become closer and closer as time went by. You are even at the point that you want to take it to the next level.

Now that your relationship has reached this plateau, you think you are ready to have sex. There is a problem. He loves you too much to take advantage of you. You want your boyfriend to be a gentleman and all, but c’mon, you got to get some loving sometime. 

So girls, come get some with the help of these simple tips. And to make sure you electrify him with the most intense sex possible, you gotta check out 500 Lovemaking Tips - the author was a featured love expert on "Oprah", and it's full of simple, sexy advice. 

  1. Time for some quiet contemplation. Have you been in a relationship long enough to really enjoy each other’s company? Do you really care for the guy or are you just making up for something else? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before you tell your boyfriend you want to have sex. It doesn’t mean that if you feel love for this person that you will jump into bed with him. It is important that you will not regret having sex with him in the end.
  2. Set the tone. Your conversation must lead up to your question.  You can talk about sex as a general topic. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something about you and him. It could be about celebrities and sex. Or, it could be silly and funny anecdotes about sex. It could even be in the form of a joke you heard that has sexual undertones. This makes your question sound more natural and not totally out of the blue.
  3. Wear the right clothes. It also helps to wear sexy clothes before you ask him straight out. Get out your skimpiest dress and your most enticing lingerie and show it off. You can even do a mini fashion show. You won’t hear him complain. If he doesn’t jump you at that moment, you either have a really devoted boyfriend or you better check for a pulse.
  4. Ask it straight out. If at this point he has not taken you onto himself, he is either not interested or is waiting for you to spell it out for him. I know, you want him to be more assertive but at least he is respecting you. Tell him that you are ready to have sex. If he isn’t ready, respect his decision. After all, it wouldn't be cool if he pressured you to do it, right? If you love the guy that much, you can probably wait until he is ready.

Now that you know how to ask your boyfriend to have sex, you can get yourself some "loving” whenever you want it. Your guy would love the fact that you are comfortable enough with him for you to ask for it. For now, enjoy and always remember to stay safe.


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