How To Throw a Baby Baptism Party

As much as you await the coming of your baby with much excitement, a baby's baptism is also a cause of celebration and joy. You can choose to have a small gathering after having the church service or a formal reception at home. Whichever one you choose, here are a few things that you have to do to make it a successful and memorable event.

  1. Send out the invitations early. This does not mean two days before! There will be a bigger chance of people not being able to make it to your event because they'll already have other commitments. Send your invites at least two weeks ahead, to give the guests enough time to prepare what they want to give, or what clothes they want to wear. Indicate in the invitations what the dress code will be. This gives a sense of formality and makes sure guests don't feel embarrassed about being unsure what to wear. You can also personalize these invitations with pictures of your baby.
  2. Specify your menu. Just as you prepare the invitations early, so you should the menu. Make sure there is enough time to contact a caterer or to gather the necessary help for the occasion. If your budget allows, you can have special goodie bags for the kiddies to busy themselves with as the meal progresses so the parents can be free to mingle with the other guests. Another reason to set your menu is that it will help you know the mood you want to create for your baby's baptism party. It will settle the kind of cake and decorations that you will have and how much you need to do to prepare everything.
  3. Be ready with the camera. You can have a friend over to take pictures of the event, or you could do it as you go around the room socializing with everyone. Whether the child is very young or a little older it is great to capture the memories of the day. Your child can get to see family members who have attended the occasion.
  4. Keep everyone entertained. You will know your guests the best, so make sure to introduce like-minded people so they can hit it off over a good conversation. It is the role of the host or hostess to see that everyone is having a good time. The kids can have a separate area for games that can be facilitated by a family member so that you know they are all busy and happy. Before each guest leaves, make sure to give them the personalized party favor you have bought or made as a reminder of the baptism of your baby. It may be a bookmark, a fridge magnet, paperweight or a simple keychain. It will be a lasting reminder of the very special event of your child's baptism.



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