How To Throw a Baby Shower

Opening gifts at baby shower

Finding out you're pregnant can be the best news in the world. But as a new mother it can be a difficult as well as expensive task to search for and purchase all the necessary clothing, accessories, feeding supplies and equipment the new baby will need before arrival.

This is where a baby shower comes in handy. Baby shower gifts are the best way for a new mother to receive almost everything she needs for the new baby at no cost to her. These items will be given as gifts from friends and family. Baby showers are also a great time for everyone to come together and celebrate the arrival of the new baby.

So here are all the details you need to think about in order to have a successful baby shower:

  1. Set the date, time and location: Baby showers are usually held about four to six weeks before the baby's due date. You will need to choose the date you prefer to hold the baby shower, allowing sufficient time for the guests to be notified and to make plans of attending. You will also need to set up a time for the party to start. Then you need to pick the location. Will you hold the baby shower at your house, a park or maybe a restaurant? Make sure you specify the location to the guests.
  2. Choose a theme: In order to decorate a baby shower so everything flows easily together, you will need a theme. Themes can be chosen in many ways. The most common is color specified by gender. For instance, pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Of course other color themes can be used depending on what the mother-to-be will be using to decorate such things as the nursery. Another theme would be based on baby accessories such as a baby bottle, pacifier and diaper pins. Then there is the character-themed baby shower. Sesame Street, Precious Moments or Looney Tunes are always popular ones. Another fun theme is a time-of-day baby shower. For this theme party, you would have each guest bring a gift according to a time of day the baby would use that item.
  3. Write down the guest list: You will need to make a list of all the guests you intend to invite. Brainstorming and writing all the names down will ensure you don't forget anyone. It is best to double-check the final baby shower invitations with the list to be sure you didn't leave anyone out.
  4. Decide on the menu: What do you want to serve? You can choose to serve a full meal or simply entrees. If you are going to be hosting the baby shower at a restaurant, make sure you set up the menu with them and work in all costs (whether you will be paying for everything or if the guests will be paying for their own meals).
  5. Plan the games: Baby showers aren't complete without games. There are a variety of baby shower games that you can choose from. Pick ones that your guests and the mother-to-be will enjoy. Some popular ones are "guess the belly size", "remember the baby items", "how many words can you make from the baby's name", and "cotton ball pick-up". Don't forget to buy little gifts for the winners of the games. These can be simple and inexpensive items such as candles or body spray, or fun socks.
  6. Create baby shower favors: Baby shower favors are a great way for guests to take home a memento of the new baby. Personalize them with the baby's name for memories. Adorable baby-themed items can be picked up for a great price from most 99 cent stores, such as little ceramic or porcelain figures.
  7. Don't forget the thank you cards: Keep track of what gift each guest brought. Then be sure to send out baby shower thank you cards to the guests for the certain gift. This is just a little way of showing guest you appreciate the items you received from them.

Written By: Cherish Lytle. You can contact cherish at [email protected].


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