How To Throw a Garden Party Event

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Parties are supposed to be fun and exciting but if you are the one throwing the event and you have no idea where and how to start the preparation, it can be very taxing. The following are tips you need to consider to throw an organized garden party event.

  1. Budget - The first thing to consider when you are planning to throw a party is the budget. Every aspect of your preparation will be dependent on the amount you allot for the party from preparation to the event itself. Allocate an amount for the venue - that is if you are going to rent a place, chairs and tables, sound system, decorations, printing invitations, food or event catering services, etc. Your budget should not limit your creativity to make a fun and unforgettable party.
  2. Location - Your garden party does not necessarily have to be held on your own garden. Find a location that is easily accessible to your guests and big enough to accommodate all your plans. Have enough space for the buffet table, dance floor, games, etc. If you choose a public garden know where to ask regarding restrictions. Know what types of activities you can and cannot do, and all other issues pertinent to holding a party in the community, especially if you are running a big event.
  3. Theme - One of the things that add flair and excitement to an event is the theme. While you can choose any theme that suits your fancy, pick one that is appropriate in your garden setting. You can go Victorian or medieval, relive the cavemen age, be like the gods and goddesses, or anything that is out of the ordinary. Remember that your decorations or setting must complement the theme.
  4. Guest List and Invitation Cards - One of the most important components of planning events is the guest list. Go back to your budget and see if you can afford to invite everyone in your list. Your guest list planner shall also be your basis for creating the invitation cards and seating cards. As for the invitations, choose a design that matches your theme. Be clear on the date, time, and venue of the event. Do not forget to indicate the party theme and advise your guests to attend with matching costumes or outfits.
  5. Food - Your party will never be complete without food. You can prepare main course recipes according to your theme so it is okay to go light and seasonal. Soup, mixed vegetables, fresh fruits, and salads are perfect for a garden setting. You can also serve meats, pastries, and desserts. Do not forget to serve a variety of chilled fruit drinks so your guests can have the liberty to choose their type of drink.
  6. Entertainment - You do not want your guests to feel bored and regret ever coming to your party. Prepare music, games, live band, etc. Hire a disc jockey if necessary and assign an emcee to keep the event moving.

To avoid tension in all the groundwork, especially if you are the celebrant, consider hiring a professional event planner to do all the necessary preparations.


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