How To Throw a Great 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

Your parents deserve more than a pat on the back for making it to their 50th wedding anniversary. They deserve more than cake and champagne. In fact, their 50th wedding anniversary should be such a magnificent celebration that those who will be blessed to witness your parents’ marriage miracle should want to:

  • Get Married
  • Say their vows all over again
  • Weep tears of joy from being invited to this milestone
  • All of the above

Meantime, to get this celebration off the ground, here are some wedding anniversary ideas that will inspire you to organize an anniversary fete that will be one for the books.

  • Celebrate the anniversary party at home. No other venue comes close to the intimacy of your family home when it comes to milestone celebrations like this one.
  • Stick to a color theme. No question about it, gold is the color to symbolize 50 years of marriage. Like gold, this marriage was refined and perfected by fiery passion and fiery duels. So gold should be it! No other color will do.
  • Insist on a formal sit down dinner. Nothing destroys a significant celebration like people standing up to get their own food or inadvertently distracting speeches and toasts to get up for a wine refill.
  • Make sure the table setting and décor are awash with gold and gold accents. From the table linens, runner, napkins, plates, cutlery, wine glasses, candles, and centerpieces to the accents and twinkling lights, the color gold must be predominant.
  • Inform the caterer about this gold-themed anniversary party. By putting your heads together you can come up with a menu, drinks, and desserts list that will represent the theme of the anniversary party. You can suggest gold-covered chocolates similar to the desserts served up during Oscar night. You can bet your lucky stars that the caterer will respond with abundant ideas of her own if she’s been in this business a while.
  • Include the meal that your parents had on their very first date. It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as grilled cheese and coca-cola, include this first date meal in the menu. Ask the caterer to prepare these and make sure you are able to explain this trivia in the menu list that are handed to your guests.
  • Have your parents’ wedding photos re-printed and enlarged as life-sized portraits. You can have regular sized photos of their wedding stand as place cards on the table that guests can write on with their birthday message. The life-sized portraits can be made into cut-outs. You can place these cut-outs by the door so your parents can stand next to their youthful just-married selves. It’s a fun conversation piece when the guests slowly trickle in for the celebration.
  • Ask the guests to write down what they remember and love most about your parents and along with their own photos and then submit these to you for an anniversary scrapbook. This will entail a lot of sleuthing on your part so your parents won’t suspect a thing. Present this scrapbook to your parents during the anniversary party.
  • Make a video of your parents through the years. Home movies and a slideshow of photos chronicling their years together is a fantastic touch to the party. Use their favorite music as your soundtrack. At the end of it, no one will be dry-eyed for sure.
  • Ask the grandkids to perform something for grandma and grandpa. They can sing grandpa and grandma’s love song or perform a song-and-dance number. This will be so adorable.
  • Let the best wines flow. For a list of the best reds and whites that won’t put a hole in your budget, click on this review from Ray Isle of Food and Wine at In here you will find the best wines at $15 a bottle.
  • Finally, have a similar wedding cake designed and decorated. Similar as in the cake your parents had at the wedding reception. It should be an exact replica with this marked difference: the cake topper should already be populated with the entire family.

After this fabulous party, your parents will be so pumped to aim for another 50 years of solid marriage! Let’s toast to that!


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