How To Throw a Great Housewarming Party

Moving to a new house is always exhausting. And when you are already living in the new house, you might feel so empty with the strange place and faces. There’s only one way to erase that emptiness and celebrate a great milestone in your life—throw a housewarming party! This party marks a fulfilling change in your life while showing your friends, family, and other people where your new house is and what it looks like.

But just like moving, throwing a great housewarming party can be an exhausting and challenging experience. You don’t want to exert all your effort and spend for the party just to realize you have missed socializing with the guests. By following the steps below, throwing a great housewarming party can be easy and organized:

  • Set the date. Before doing anything, decide on the party’s date. Give yourself at least three weeks to prepare. A weekend will be great because more people will be able to come. Of course, don’t forget to consider your comfort when setting the date.
  • Think of a housewarming party theme. At least two weeks before the set date start planning for the party and start that by deciding on the theme. The theme can be anything. It can be a movie theme or a historical theme. It can be a Japanese theme or a tea party theme. The theme will make it easier for you to decide on the decorations, food, and design of invitations.
  • Prepare the housewarming party to-do list. List down everything that you need to do for the housewarming party like making and sending of invitations, renting of tables and chairs, buying decorations, contacting catering services, or planning for the menu. Ask some people who can help you finish all the things to do for the party. For example, assign your kids to prepare and send the invitations and your spouse to contact catering service.
  • Finish your party things-to-dos. Check all the details about three days before the party. Has everyone got his invitation or maybe the catering service has some issues that need to be fixed? Ask for the guests’ confirmation also so you will know how many guests you should expect during the party.

Tips When Throwing a Great Housewarming Party

The four steps above are only guide for more organized preparation. But there are more things you need to keep in mind if you want to give your guests a great housewarming party. Follow the tips below:

  • Clean the house days before the party. Strategize on how you should clean the house. More tedious jobs should be taken cared of days before the party like the vacuuming and sanitizing of the bathroom. Daily cleaning is fine if you can do it at least a few hours before the party.
  • Fix things. You don’t have to fix everything before the party. Just focus on things that will be needed to prepare for the party or during the party.
  • Everything should be set and ready. Do this at least five hours before the guests are expected to arrive. So plan the party day wisely to finish the last-minute preparation.

Preparation is the only key to throw a great housewarming party. So, don’t waste your time now and start planning what to do for the party.


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