How To Use a Maternity Pillow

Sleeping pregnant woman

Pregnancy is usually the most fragile state that a woman can be in. During this stage in her life she usually gets mood swings and one reason for this is her lack of sleep. Most women have a hard time sleeping when they are at a certain point in their pregnancy.

What you can do to help them achieve better sleep is to recommend something to comfort her; something that suits her needs. A maternity pillow is often a good wedding gift as it is something that the bride "really" needs. If you are not aware of what a maternity pillow is and you want to know how to use it, here are some tips.

  • Use it as soon as possible - Assuming you have already gone to the store and gotten yourself a pair of this pillow, it is best to use it the night after you have purchased it from the store. This will help you grow into your new sleeping position as the pregnancy moves forward. If you can, it is advised by many doctors to use your pillow on the very first day of pregnancy.
  • Find the right spot - Maternity pillows are designed to take off the stress from your back, shoulders, hips and other areas that may be affected by the pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, you need to make sure that you have got the "hang" of your maternity pillows. You also want to do this because you want to get all the benefits that the maternity pillows can offer. Try setting a personal comfort level for you to say that you have got the hang of your pillow(s).
  • Find the right position - If you are unable to find the right spot then try vice-versa. Positioning the pillow can be the trick to finding the right spot for it. If you like to sleep on your back, position the pillow under one side of your body. Relieve pressure on your uterus and abdominal nerves by slight turning to your side. Place an arm and a leg over a pillow if you like to sleep on your stomach. This position allows you to have more space on your belly and enjoying your favorite sleeping position. Most doctors recommend their patients to lie on their side to achieve proper sleeping habits. If this works for you then it is best to follow the instructions given by your physician.
  • Use it everywhere - Even when you just want to watch TV in the couch, use the pillow for added support. This allows you to spend more time with the pillow allowing you to build your comfort level. If you are still driving while you are pregnant, you can use a pillow in the car for added back support. Please do not fall asleep while driving your car. Having a pillow does not always mean that you are going to sleep.

Whether you are a husband, relative or simply a friend that wants to help, please make sure you follow these tips to ensure safety while handling a very fragile situation. There are women who can be a little bit on the edge when it comes to their mood swings but always remember that it is their hormones that are responsible for these outbreaks. Always consult with your doctor during your pregnancy.


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