How To Use Pregnancy Test Kits

Pregnancy is where motherhood begins. It is the process of conceiving a fetus, which will eventually become a baby inside a woman's womb. Some signs of pregnancy include a delayed menstrual cycle, cramping, swelling of breasts and morning sickness. Morning sickness includes nausea and vomiting during the day.

Women nowadays use pregnancy test kits to confirm their pregnancy. Unlike any other ovulation test, pregnancy test kits are portable and easy to use. This is done by examining your urine. If the pregnancy hormone is found, then you will be alerted. You can simply buy and take home the test kit and do the examination yourself. Some examples of pregnancy test kits that are available in the market are E.P.T pregnancy test kits and AccuClear.

Pregnancy test kits come in different types. The pregnancy test cards where you drop urine on the tray or card to get the results, the pregnancy test strip that you submerge in the urine, or you can go with the digital pregnancy test kit.

Here are the steps to using a pregnancy test kit.

  1. Wash your hands - it is important to wash your hands before conducting the test to avoid contamination.
  2. At the time of testing, make sure that the room you are in is at standard room temperature.
  3. Make sure that you open the kit only at the time you will conduct the test.
  4. Urinate - your urine will be the means to determine if you are pregnant.
  5. Put the urine on the pregnancy test kit of your choice. For the pregnancy test card and digital pregnancy test, put two to three drops of your urine in the sample hole. If you are using a pregnancy test strip, you can either dip the strip into the urine or directly urinate on it.
  6. Put the card, strip or the digital pregnancy test kit on a flat dry surface with the result window facing you.
  7. Wait for a couple of minutes - this will depend on what kind of test kit you have. Most test kits require at least 3-5 minutes before showing the results.
  8. When the given time for the test is up, check the result. For the pregnancy test card or strip, you will see two colored bands. It has two lines if it's positive, one if it's negative. There are times that you will not see a line or a band, this means that the test is invalid and you need to do it again. With a digital test kit, you will see a ‘yes' or ‘positive' if you are pregnant. ‘No' or ‘negative' if you are not.

You can easily buy pregnancy test kits from a local drugstore without a doctor's prescription. It is the cheapest way to check if you are having a baby. So as early as you feel that you have pregnancy symptoms, do not hesitate to buy a pregnancy test kit. Once you are sure that you are pregnant, go and consult a doctor for pregnancy questions or information.


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