How To Use Sea Band to Help Morning Sickness

Waking up each morning can be challenging for a pregnant woman especially when you have to deal with morning sickness.

What brings morning sickness on aside from having a bun in the oven?

Ask your doctor and she would be a bit shady about specifics except to say that it’s all the chemicals and hormones in your body sort of re-arranging itself in preparation for the growth and maintenance of the baby inside your womb. These won’t be her words exactly but it will be close to it. There’s really not a solid reason to pinpoint the cause of this one. However what you are sure to find out is that certain triggers like the smell of certain foods, people, and perfumes make you want to throw up. Perhaps one ray of sunshine you can derive from this morning misery is that women who experience it have very little chance of having a miscarriage so hold on to this thought when it gets really awful.

How do you get rid of morning sickness? Well, bad news. The only thing that can get rid of morning sickness is not to become pregnant which you know is a stupid reasoning because women at one point in time unless barren will become pregnant. So the best answer is this: you can’t get rid of it but you can certainly manage the severity and occurrence of it during the course of your pregnancy.

Here’s how:

  • Purchase Sea Bands. If lemon candy, soup, crackers, saltines, ginger ale, and sprite won’t help you manage your morning sickness, Sea Bands can and will. For about $10.00, this is a drug-free way of making sure you keep morning sickness to the barest minimum.
  • Follow a schedule when applying Sea bands. You basically know when morning sickness is coming on so five minutes before you expect an attack to occur, wear your Sea Bands. If the time is unpredictable, wear it the whole day everyday during your first trimester since this product is super safe for pregnant women.
  • Position your Sea Bands accordingly. This is obviously worn around the wrist so that’s not something that will puzzle you but you should know that the part where the plastic stud is located should be in direct contact with your wrist because it will apply the necessary pressure to thwart morning sickness. Additionally, you have to make sure it is positioned near the pulse points of your wrist. Have someone demonstrate and do this for you on the first time then you can do this yourself the following day.
  • Expect a bit of discomfort. The mere fact that Sea Bands are worn to apply pressure on the point inside your wrist to alleviate morning sickness means that it might be a bit numbing once pressure continues to be applied after the morning sickness has dissipated. If you feel a bit uncomfortable or numb, remove it for the time being only to wear it again following the schedule you have charted.
  • Replace when needed. It’s going to be a long pregnancy but morning sickness somehow leaves the picture after the first trimester. During this time, it might be wise to replace some of the Sea Bands when necessary especially if it becomes wet all the time. Although these can be washed, it’s still better if you have new ones when you need it. Hey, it’s only 10 bucks a pack!

Don’t worry, it will soon be over then you’ll forget about everything and become pregnant again!


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