How To Wear a Nursing Bra to Relieve Swelling after Birth

One of the things you may expect after delivering your baby is that your breasts will swell and may become engorged. This is because of the sudden change is hormones, plus the production of milk in the body. It’s normal that within three days of giving birth, you’ll notice your breasts to swell and become engorged with milk. It can be rather painful. One of the things you can do for relief is to wear a nursing bra.

  • Purchase at least two nursing bras before your delivery date. This way, you have something to wear at the hospital. It’s best to go to a store a get measured, rather than to buy online. Opt for soft cup and padded nursing bras, without underwires, which may be too constricting for lactating moms. You may want to initially choose a shelf support type bra instead of individual cups. It will provide proper support without being too constricting. You can purchase more bras when you are nursing more regularly so you have a more accurate bra size.
  • Understand that when you give birth, breast engorgement is normal. Your breasts won’t produce milk immediately after delivery. The first fluid that comes out of the nipples is high in anti bodies which you baby needs. After about three days, that’s when the breast milk comes out. Some women experience a slight fever and the breasts will be sensitive to touch. The upper breast may feel tough and you may notice the veins on your breast become more pronounced.
  • Nursing bras either have a back or front closure. What makes them different from normal bras is that the cups have hooks or snaps that can be unhooked so that you can expose the breast. This will give the baby easy access to your breast without having to remove your clothes. Change your bra daily since some milk may get on the fabric, which may stain or make it smell.
  • Wear the nursing bra, even at night. This is especially good for moms with larger breasts. Wearing a bra constantly will help support your now tender and bigger breasts and help retain its pre pregnancy shape.
  • Nurse constantly. The best way to relieve the pain and engorgement is to let your baby drain the milk naturally. This will also help establish a good milk supply, which is crucial in the first six weeks. If you’re not near your baby, use a breast pump.
  • Use disposable nursing pads. If your breasts become too full of milk and you’re unable to nurse immediately, you may start to leak. The nursing pads are made of cotton and are similar to the pads used to remove makeup. If your nipples get too sensitive, you may use some nipple cream.

Make sure you also purchase the appropriate nursing shirts to go with your nursing bras. These shirts and blouses will allow you to breastfeed without having to remove your shirt. There are also various nursing products available. Nursing your baby has numerous benefits so hang in there! In a few weeks, the pain and swelling will go away and you’ll be a breastfeeding expert in no time!


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