How To Write a Baby Shower Thank You Card

The customary baby shower for an expectant couple is a nice way of bonding with relatives and friends before your baby arrives. It is also a good opportunity to fill your baby registry as each guest is expected to bring an item for the baby. Dainty baby things like mittens, socks, shirts, feeding bottles and many more are the usual gifts given during baby showers. Apart from the tokens you receive during the event, the thought of friends throwing a small party especially for you and your coming soon baby is enough reason to feel grateful. It is but proper therefore that you express your gratitude by sending thank you cards to your guests. Follow these tips to guide you in writing baby shower thank you cards:

  • Write a customized thank you card for each of the guests. Of course it is always convenient and easy to just buy ready made cards from bookstores. However you can express your appreciation to your friends more if you make the cards with your own hands and write the dedication in your own words. Keep the design simple.
  • Purchase linen paper (bright colored), coloring pens, glue, tiny buttons or beads, colorful stickers and other artsy stuff that you can use in making your thank you cards. Make interesting designs (usually with baby themes) like balloons, ribbons, flowers, toys and pictures of a baby from magazine cut outs. Arrange these patterns on the linen paper. Stick them one by one with glue.
  • Make the text of your thank you card different in each individual card. Do not repeat what you said to Friend A in the card for Friend B. Remember that each friend holds a special and unique relationship with you and another individual cannot duplicate this. So make sure you strictly personalize your messages.
  • Open the gifts one by one and note down who gave what. In the thank you card, mention the gift and say how it can be useful to your baby and that you appreciate the thoughtfulness so much. One way of expressing your thanks is by writing: “My dear Patricia, these pair of mittens will surely keep my little Moxy warm in winter. Thanks a lot future godmother.”
  • Write your notes with colored pens. Or you may also use colorful letter cutouts from glossy magazines and paste them together to form the note in the card.
  • Include all guests in your list of card recipients, even those who did not bring gifts. There might be one or two who did not bring gifts. Regardless of who did not give a present – see to it that you send a thank you note to everyone even for his or her presence alone.
  • Place the cards in right sized envelopes. Attach the stamps, write the names and addresses and finally – mail them. Make sure you send the cards not later than one week after the shower. Do it quickly because you do not know when your baby is coming out and once he is out, you will become a busy parent and you cannot send the thank you cards anymore.

Behind a baby shower party is a very good friend (the hostess) who has coordinated the party. In writing baby shower thank you notes, the card for the hostess must be extra special from the rest. The message must sincerely share your deepest gratitude to this friend’s thoughtfulness and goodness.

Well, that’s it! Happy date with the stork!


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