How To Write a Child Custody Affidavit

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Writing a child custody affidavit is very important if you want to obtain the custody of your child or if you are seeking visitation rights. Your affidavit must contain factual information and details so you can convince the court that you are a responsible and a fit parent to your child. An affidavit will provide information on what kind of parent you are and give them an idea on whether or not you can provide your child's basic needs such as food, education and shelter.

Rules about child custody are different in every country so make sure to consult a lawyer before you start drafting your affidavit.  After consulting your lawyer, here's how you can accomplish your child custody affidavit.

  • Go to your local family court. Visit your local family court and inform them that you are inquiring how to obtain a child custody affidavit and its requirements. If they have a ready forms try to get one and accomplish the form.
  • Gather all the information pertaining to your child. Gather all information pertaining to your child such as date of birth, the full name of your child, complete name and address of your child's guardian as of the moment, and address of your child for the past years.
  • Give information on your relationship with your child. Just like any court proceeding you will be asked to talk about yourself, your current work, and your current financial status. You should talk about where you have been living for the past years and reasons why your child is not with you.
  • Be honest with your answers and make sure to answer the questions in a short and direct way. You will also be asked if you have been involved in any minor crimes or incidents for the past years or any trial involving your child. All these information will be the basis of whether or not the court will grant your request for child custody or visitation rights.
  • Reread your affidavit. Before filing your affidavit reread you affidavit and check if you forgot something. If you think your affidavit is already complete have it checked with your lawyer so he can proof read all the details that you put in. If everything is ok with your lawyer, go to your family court and sign your affidavit under the presence of a public notary person or the assigned clerk on the court.
  • Your affidavit will be invalid if your signature is not certified by a person with authority. After signing your affidavit, file it at the clerk personnel. Your affidavit is for judge review and study if your request for custody or visitation rights will be consider.
  • Provide a copy of affidavit. Provide a copy of your signed affidavit and give it to your child custodian as of the moment. If you cannot deliver it by yourself just mail the copy of the affidavit.

Writing an affidavit will definitely bring back painful and heartbreaking memories, especially the thought that your child has not been with you for the past years but no matter how painful it is you must finish the affidavit as soon as possible, so you can obtain custody or visitation rights to your child.


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