How To Write a Compelling Family History

Each family has a story to tell. You may not think it’s important and even have second thoughts on letting the world know about your family’s secrets and mistakes. But you would not be who you are now, if not for the accounts, events and opportunities that your family has gone through.

You need not be overwhelmed with what you should do to accomplish the task. Writing a persuasive and truthful narrative about your family is actually interesting, exciting and fulfilling. Just remember, authenticity is essential. Of course, there are different sides of the story: the one who perceived the source of information, own perception of facts you’ve collected, and the reality. Just follow the steps below, to be able to compose your own masterpiece.

Acquire as much records that you can get your hands on. There are two components of information required: the recorded facts, such as genealogy, educational background, achievements, anecdotes, diaries, manuscripts, and records, such as employment, financial, police, medical and dental.

Capture as many stories and versions as you can. The emotions, unrecorded details and tales behind the data that you acquired, make the family history more compelling! Converse with as many relatives (and closest friends of relatives) as possible, starting off with the oldest ones. They have the longest and most complete stories to put in the picture. Keep a notepad and pen handy, as well as recording devices, whenever you visit your target sources of information. If you can record a video of it, the better! In that way, every inflection, change in tone of voice, and facial expressions can be used to encapsulate what really transpired in the long-ago. Bear in mind to be respectful, polite and a good listener, especially to the elders. Their mood can drastically affect the way they’ll recount the whole thing and you don’t want to be the cause of their heart attacks!

Formulate an overview of your family saga. Now that you have all the facts and juicy subject matter, it’s time to put together all the pieces of the puzzle! Figure out how you want your story to start and finish. Don’t just imagine it, write it down! Make sure your draft has an interesting and mysterious beginning, exciting and adventurous middle part, and a breathtaking ending.

Use your creativity in your detailed writing. Using the overview you formulated as the skeleton of your history, add on the other parts in a manner that every reader would be able to see, hear, smell, taste and feel everything being described, making each reader affirm they were there when the events happened. If you need help with your writing skills, there are different courses in writing available in your community or even online.

Review, proofread and edit your work. You may think, it’s not crucial, but you want to make sure you genuinely entice each reader to keep reading until the last word of your magnum opus. If there are pointless parts of your piece, don’t be afraid to delete it. Eliminate all spots of boredom. You can let your closest friends read it, and then have it criticize. You can also unwind and try to read it after a week or two or maybe after a month. It will help you read with fresh eyes and mind.

Then voila! You are ready to release your story!!!


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