How To Write an Adoption Reference

Any couple looking to adopt a kid can always benefit from a few well written recommendations from people that can vouch for their character and their ability to raise a child. This is why most couples will ask some of the people they know to write an adoption reference letter for them. If you are in this situation and have been asked to help a friend out, there here are some things that you should know in order for you to write an effective adoption reference letter.

  • Start with an outline. Whether you are writing a letter, a research paper, or a manuscript, you need to gather and organize your thoughts and the content that you plan to incorporate into the literary piece. Since you are writing a mere letter or recommendation and reference to aid your friends in adopting a kid, you can limit your outline by enumerating the various positive traits and characteristics of the couple you are recommending. Focus on the positive traits relevant to raising a child. If the couple has made various humanistic and philanthropic contributions to the community or to charity, make sure to list these down as well. Be honest and simple.
  • Write an introductory paragraph. The first paragraph of your letter should be an introductory paragraph. Introduce yourself, where you are from, and what you do so that the adoption agency will have an idea of who you are. Follow these lines by relating your connection to the couple in question. Detail how you know them and how long you have been in communication with them. A paragraph containing 5 to 7 sentences should be enough.
  • Write about each individual in the couple. After the introductory paragraph, dedicate a short paragraph for each of the individuals composing the couple. Start with the prospective mother first. Follow that up with the prospective father. State each of their positive traits as an individual and how each of them can be a great parent.
  • Write a section for the couple as a whole. Follow up the two paragraphs describing each person individually with the whole meat of the letter. Dedicate a paragraph for the couple stating their combined traits that are perfect for child rearing. Make sure that the content you write here is positive and encouraging. Do not include any negative traits as much as possible.
  • Proofread and edit. After writing the content of the article, give it a read and edit what you think can still be enhanced. Make sure to look for grammatical and spelling errors. If you are using Microsoft Word to write the reference, use the built in grammar and spelling check feature for an easier process.

Do not forget to address the letter of reference to the representative of the adoption agency. Make sure to ask the couple for this information. More importantly, don’t forget to sign the letter to signify that you wrote it. The letter will do nothing in favor of the couple if you don’t sign it.


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