How To Create a Romantic Wedding Proposal

Hooray!  You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and have found the one person you want to spend your whole life with.  Now, what’s the most romantic way to say: Will you marry me?  Remember that a wedding proposal is not the same as a business proposal.  And, although a straight forward, kneel-on-one-knee type of proposal is safe, you may want to find a more memorable and exciting way to mark this special day.

We know the what and the why: A marriage proposal (what) because you are so in love (why) with your partner.  What about the when, where and how?

  1. When – Decide when you want to propose.  Will it be on Christmas Eve?  The anniversary of your first date?  Maybe her birthday?  Remember, you will be doing the proposing, so it should be a day that you think would be special and significant for both of you.
  2. Couple having a romantic dinnerWhere -  Where do you want to pop the question?  On a boat, by the beach, in an igloo or at home?  The place is important because it sets the mood for the proposal. 
  3. How – Here is where you get creative.  How do you propose?  What format do you use: verbal or in writing?  Do you want to be spontaneous or write things down to gather your thoughts (but not necessarily read from your notes)?

No ideas yet?  You may want to ask people close to both of you for advice.  But, bear in mind that too many people knowing about your plans may not be a wise decision.  Someone may not be able to keep your planned proposal a secret.  Why not research articles online on samples of marriage proposals.  But in the end, all you have to do is to think of what is special to both of you as a couple (places, events, things) and devise a romantic proposal from there.

The options are endless and you are only bound by your creativity.  Here are a few ideas:

  • If you met at a marathon last year, why not propose at the next marathon?
  • If she likes to cook, why not return the favor and prepare her dinner (nothing elaborate if you are not too nimble in the kitchen) and propose right after dessert.
  • Play a scavenger hunt in the park with you and the ring at the final hiding place.
  • Your mate’s a dog lover?  Give her a puppy with the ring and the sign “Will you marry me” hanging on the dog’s collar.  Just be prepared to raise the puppy together.
  • Of course there’s the “traditional” ring in the champagne glass format of proposing.  Watch out though, you don’t want your partner swallowing the ring.

The RING. The engagement ring is at the center of the proposal.  Whether it’s a 5 karat diamond ring, your grandmother’s wedding ring, or a toy ring from a cereal box, what is more important is you give it as a token of your undying love.  On the day of the proposal, make sure to look your best.  Relax, take a deep breath, and remember that if she is really the right one, nothing can go wrong. 

A wedding proposal is probably the most nerve wracking type of proposal you will ever do.  Just remember that whatever you say or do, it should come straight from the heart.  Good luck!


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