How To Make a Balloon Arch Decoration

Balloon arch

Any good party should have decorations. Decorations make any party more fun, lively and memorable.

One of the most used party decorations are balloons. Balloons are usually used during children's parties, or whenever an adult feels like having balloons at his or her party. Balloon decorations are an inexpensive and relatively easy way to transform your party from a dull one into a more lively party. Tying balloons of different colors together make for a nice and colorful backdrop for your party. Use small balloons to form bouquets and make them the centerpiece of your tables. You can even be creative and use balloons and tie them to your invitations. Balloons make for an interesting background for photos, while scattering balloons makes for a quirky yet nice looking decoration. Balloons can also go hand in hand with your theme. For example, if you're having a Valentine's party, you can place groups of red balloons around the venue or have heart shaped balloons as giveaways after the party. Balloons are a versatile way of making your party even better.

One of the more common balloon decorations are balloon arches. Balloon arches can be simple (something to decorate the entrance of your house with) or grandiose (having it arch over the swimming pool.) People usually make balloon arches and place them over the entrances to give the guests a feeling of being welcome to the party. The first step in making a balloon arch is choosing if should you go with a helium-filled balloon arch or an air-filled balloon arch.

  • A helium-filled balloon arch can be quite a challenge because you have to find a way to anchor the arch and prevent it from flying off. You first tie the balloons to a strong nylon line. Then you can opt to put a net or mesh over the balloons to give it more shape. Then you would need something to anchor the arch. You can tie it down with weights (cinder blocks or a bag of bricks would do) or you can tie it down to something (trees, posts or any ground support available). You would not need to prop up the arch because the helium inside the balloons would lift the whole arch up.
  • Having air-filled balloons on the other hand, presents another set of challenges. Basically, you can start the same way with the helium filled ones; tie the balloons to a long, strong nylon string or for something even stronger and flexible, an aluminium rod or some pipe made out of plastic. The good thing here is you won't need to anchor the arch because they won't float off like the helium ones. You'd need something to hold up the balloon arch this time as it won't rise up by itself. You can tie down the ends first, and then use poles to prop up and support the balloon arch. If you are indoors, you can again tie the ends down first, and then hook the middle part of the arch to the ceiling to achieve that arched shape you want. The important part here is that you make sure the frame of the arch is strong and stable enough to last through the whole party.

You will surely get compliments if you have a balloon arch decoration for your next party.


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