How To Make a Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower Centerpiece

If you are planning a baby shower for your friends, consider using a diaper cake as a centerpiece and as a gift to the expectant mother to be. No, a diaper cake is not edible. It's collection of diapers and other infant supplies neatly stacked together to resemble a cake. You can either buy one, or create one for a more personal touch. Below is a step-by-step-guide to making a simple diaper cake.

Prepare all the materials. You will need:

  • Diapers - The number depends on the size of the cake you want. To be on the safe side, buy 60-80 newborn diapers. You can choose between disposable or cloth diapers.
  • Ribbons - If your baby shower has a theme, match the ribbons to theme. Otherwise, you can use either pink, blue, yellow, or green. Get ribbons in different widths: 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 1 inch.
  • Rubberbands, small and large
  • A tall bottle of baby lotion or shampoo
  • A cake board
  • Baby items like pacifiers, nail clippers, teething rings, booties, thermometers, etc.
  • Small baby bottle
  • Double-sided adhesive tape


1. Get all the newborn diapers, roll each of them up, and tie with each with a small rubber band. Try to get the rolled diapers in the same size for uniformity.

2. Take the tall bottle of the baby lotion or shampoo and place it on the center of the cake board. Secure it in place using the double sided adhesive tape.

3. Make the bottom later of the cake by placing diapers around the baby bottle. The number depends on the size of the baby lotion bottle and the size of the rolled diapers. The goal is to surround it with baby diapers. This will server as your first ring for the bottom layer. Secure this first ring in position using a large rubber band.

Use the same process when creating the second ring and the third ring of the bottom layer. Do not forget to secure the rings in place with a rubber band. You can also use a large ribbon to secure the third ring. Use the double-sided adhesive tape to tie the ends of the ribbon together,

4. Make the second layer of the cake. Follow the instructions given above. Only this time, you will only be making two rings instead of three. Do not forget to use a large rubber band to secure each ring in place. If you used a ribbon in the first layer, use the same thing in the second layer. Once you're done with this layer, you will notice that the bottle of the baby lotion or shampoo is no longer visible.

5. Make the first layer. Take the small baby bottle and surround it with diapers. Secure in place with a large rubber band and place of top of the second tier. Make sure it's in the middle. Don't worry about it moving. There's a slim chance that it can be dislodged or dislocated considering the texture of the diapers.

6. Decorate your cake. Use the ribbons and other infant suppliers to decorate the cake. Be careful not to over-decorate the cake.

Voila! You now have a diaper cake to use as a centerpiece for your baby shower.


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