How To Find Popular Jewish and Hebrew Names

Choosing baby names is a fun but not-that-easy process especially if you have to follow certain religious traditions. This is very true for people of Jewish or Hebrew culture. Unlike some cultures Jews and Hebrews use the person's names in religious rituals. Calling the person to the Torah, the prayer for the sick, and marriage ceremony will all require the person's name.

So, if you don't want trouble from your Rabbi, better give your baby a Hebrew or Jewish name! Here are some of the names and their meanings.

  1. Baby boy names. Jacob and James both means "supplanter". But these names' biblical significance is different. Jacob is known to be the son of Rebecca and Issac while James is popular for leading Jerusalem's Judaism believers. Noah is a nice baby name too. This means "peace" or "rest," just perfect for Noah's popularity for creating the ark in preparation for the great flood. Joseph is a famous Hebrew name as well. This means "God will increase." You may consider David also, which means "beloved". Also, the name Joshua means "God is salvation". This is popular among parents specially those who know that Joshua was among Moses' spies who led the Israelites to reach the Promised Land. You can also give an angel's name to your baby such as Michael. This name means "Who is like God?" He was the leader of God's angels. Other famous names for baby boys are Ethan, Aaron, Adam, Benjamin, and Samuel. You had better research more if none of these names appeal to you. There are many Hebrew and Jewish names for babies.
  2. Baby girl names. Leah is a good name to consider for a baby girl. She was Jacob's first wife and the younger sister of Rachel. Jessica is a famous name too. This means "God beholds". If not, you may choose Gabriella, which means "God is my might". The prophet Anna is a nice inspiration for your baby's name, too, especially because her name means "merciful" or "gracious". If your baby is like a princess to you, then you'd better name her Sarah because this means "princess". But if your girl seems like a grace, then name her Hanna, which means "grace." The name Abigail will best suit for baby girls who are the "joy of the father". Elizabeth and Isabella are two non-conventional names. They even have the same meaning, which is "God is my oath". Some names like Susan, Sharon, Ruth, Rebecca, Rachel, Mary, Judith, and Deborah are also well-known derivations for baby girls.

You can choose two names for your baby if the Hebrew name seems unpronounceable. One will be for religious rites while the other will be for everyday use.

If you want to do this, make sure that each name complements the other by having the same sound, same meaning or same starting letter. For example, Leah can also be called Lindsey since the two names have the same initial. Yonah can substitute for Jonah while Daniel can be called Justin because they have the same meaning.

Also, some folks believe that a baby's name will affect the kind of person he or she will become. So it is always important to check the name's meaning rather than deciding only because of its unique sound.

You can get more suggestions on getting Jewish and Hebrew names from forums. Many websites dedicated to parenting have their forums. These will guide you through choosing from many Hebrew and Jewish baby names.


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