How To Throw a Great Slumber Party

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Slumber parties are popular among teenage girls. It's the coolest thing ever to have your friends over for some quality bonding time to gossip, talk about boys, and share your secrets. However, the perfect slumber party doesn't just happen. You need to plan way ahead of time the activities for the big night. Here is a guide to hosting a slumber party.

1. Ask your friends a week or two in advance if they would like to have a slumber party at your house. This is important because you do not want to be stressing yourself on planning a slumber party that no one will attend. If they no one can go, then ditch the plan. If there's only one or two who will attend, ditch the plan, too because it will be just a sleepover. If there are three or more people sleeping over at your house, then its time to proceed to step number two.

2. Plan, plan, plan. Spontaneity is good, but not if you want a successful party. Before you pan though, ask permission from your parent or guardian first. If he or she agrees, then you start planning. Here are some things that you should plan for:

  • Food - Are you guys going to eat dinner at home? If yes, then maybe you should settle for pizza. It's very convenient; you can just order take out or have it delivered to your house.
  • Think about snacks and beverages, too. What snacks do your friends like? What drinks do they want? Make sure to buy these beforehand. Or, if any of your friends asks what they can bring, let your friends take care of it. That way you don't have to worry that you didn't get the right chips or soda.
  • Activities - Girls can stay up all night and do nothing but gossip and talk about boys. But you want your slumber party to be more than that. Arrange a few activities that will surely be fun. One popular slumber party agenda is to have a chick flick marathon. You need to rent DVDs for these in case you don't have your own collection. Or better yet, ask your friends to bring the DVD of their favorite chick flick. Ask them not to tell others what they will bring. It will be a cool way to find out if you like the same movies.
  • If you don't want a chick flick marathon, consider having a dress-up game. You can also prepare some facial creams, lotion, foot care and nail care products for a night of pampering. If all of you love to read books, then you can have a book reading session. The point of these activities is to give you time to bond with each other and find out more about yourselves.
  • The morning-after - Slumber parties usually end when breakfast is over. What food will you be serving them? Have cereals and a ready-to-cook pancake mix on hand. These will definitely whet their appetite.

3. Prepare the things you will need. Once you're done planning, you will have a better idea of what you will need to buy and stock. Make a list of those things and tick them off as you buy them. It will also help to make a checklist of what you need to do during the day of the slumber party. Do you need to get ice? Order pizza? Having a checklist will definitely help make your slumber party a success.

Slumber parties can be fun and memorable if you do things the right way. Follow the guide above and you can be sure that the next time you plan another slumber party, you're friends will be eager to come over.


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