How To Use Birth Control

If you want to avoid having unplanned pregnancies use birth control methods.  Here is how:

  1. Know all you can about birth control and how conception happens.  Ask your doctor to recommend the best and safest birth control methods for you, and read articles in the Internet or in magazines, books and pamphlets.  You could also attend seminars and classes about this.
  2. Birth control pills prevent the woman’s fallopian tubes from releasing an egg.  Using pills require her to take a pill everyday.  If she forgets to take one, she could get pregnant so she has to use additional birth control methods when this happens.  If you are taking birth control pills, make sure that they don’t interact with other medications and the herbal preparations you are currently taking. 
  3. Barrier methods block sperms so they don’t reach the woman’s uterus.  These are condoms, diaphragms and cervical caps.  Diaphragms and cervical caps are fitted by the gynecologist.  Male and female condoms are widely available and easy to use. These are more effective when used along with spermicides, which kill sperm to prevent conception.  However, condoms can cause allergic reactions especially to those who are allergic to latex.
  4. Hormonal birth control patches use hormones to stop women from being pregnant.  It is applied to a part of their body and changed every week for three consecutive weeks.  The patch isn’t applied during the fourth week to make the woman’s period start. 
  5. Hormone shots make the woman unable to conceive for up to three months.  Some women may experience side effects with these methods especially those who smoke.
  6. A vaginal contraceptive ring is placed into the woman’s vagina to release hormones that prevent pregnancy.  This is left within the vagina for three weeks and at the fourth week, the ring is released to start menstruation.
  7. An intrauterine device is fitted into a uterus by a gynecologist in order to stop sperm or prevent a fertilized egg from being embedded in the uterus.  If you are using an IUD, feel the string, which extends from your cervix once a month.  Go to your doctor when you can’t find the string and use other means of birth control.
  8. Sterilization involves undergoing surgical procedures to make the man or woman infertile.  These involve closing the woman’s fallopian tubes or the man’s vas deferens.
  9. Natural family planning makes use of tracking the ovulation cycle of the woman and using barrier methods or abstaining from sex when the woman is fertile.

If you are using birth control, make sure that you use it properly.  Not following the instructions or using it inconsistently can lead to unplanned pregnancies.  Make sure that the birth control products you are using are in good condition and that you are not allergic to them.

Go to your doctor if you experience side effects from using birth control methods.  He may prescribe an alternative or test you for illnesses that may be the real cause of the unusual symptoms that you are experiencing while practicing birth control. 

Using birth control methods is a wise choice to prevent unplanned pregnancies.  Choose the method, which is the most comfortable, convenient and effective for you.


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