What are Some Good Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays come just once a year, and you should really take the extra effort to make another person know that you remember her special day. If you decide to give her a gift, think about this: in your experience, didn’t you feel happy as well when the other person really, really liked what you gave her? So do both yourself and the birthday boy/girl a favor and think hard about the gift that you’ll give. Here are some tips and some examples of good birthday gift ideas you could choose from:

  1. Consider the other person’s preferences. It really pays to think hard about the general likes of the other person. For this you’d need to do some observation: does she wear dangling earrings every time you see her? You could give her a funky new pair. Does she seem to have a thing for the color blue? Then give her cute and functional blue items she could use at work. Observation is key.
  2. Take note of her specific likes and dislikes. Here’s one technique you could try out throughout the year: keep a notebook, and allot a page of the notebook for every person that you know (or at least the people you plan to give gifts to). On a regular basis, write down comments that she said throughout the course of the year. These comments should be ones that provide clues to her specific tastes. For example: “I really like dolphins!” could give you an idea for giving your friend a stuffed dolphin toy; “I saw this cutest thing at the mall the other day…” and she’d be surprised when you give her the exact same thing she admired for her birthday. Here’s another technique you could try out: before buying the other person a gift, check out her Facebook account. See if you could find any clues that will give away her specific preferences.
  3. Give practical gifts. In these times, it’s certainly a good idea to give functional gifts that might be exactly what the recipient has been planning to buy for himself. This way, you’d not only help him celebrate his special day, you’d be helping him save money too!
  4. Give generic gifts. If you’re not that close to the person you’re giving a gift to, you could just give generic gifts that will just simply let him know that you remembered his special day. Some examples include a glass figurine, a mug, a pen, a nice calendar, or a picture frame. You could also consider giving movie or concert tickets.
  5. Consider shared experiences. You could get gift ideas from your shared experiences together – for example, you could give a gift that will symbolize a particular experience you went through together. If your intended recipient is a coworker, for example, you could give her a Dilbert comic book (its topics are mostly about life at the corporate world). If you usually go out together after work for coffee, you could give her a Starbucks mug.
  6. Consider her personality. You might not know the other person that much, but you could give her gifts based on your impression of her. Does she always look trendy and fashionable? You could give her a scarf or a pashmina. Does she strike you as a very efficient woman? You could give her an organizer, or a cute to-do list.

There you have it! These are just some of the good birthday presents that could help you out. Remember, if you want to have a reputation as a cool gift-giver, research and preparation really is key! Good luck!


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