What Does the Perfect Date Look Like? 4 Simple Tips for How to Plan a Date

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You finally did it. You got up the courage to ask out that special someone out on a first date and they said yes. Congrats!

But now, once that anxious moment is over you realize the next one is just beginning - how to plan a date. What should you plan to do that will be fun? How can you make sure the night goes smoothly?

Relax, you've got this. Read on to discover four simple tips to help you plan the perfect date.

1. Find Out Your Date's Interests

A date shouldn't be all about what you want to do. And it shouldn't be all about what your date wants to do either. Find something you both can enjoy!

That means finding out what your date likes to do beforehand. But don't stress out, you don't have to go in knowing specifics. Having a general idea is key here.

Does your date like to do adventurous things? Are they more laid back and quiet? Or maybe they're more on the artsy side?

Once you have a general idea, you can start to plan activities that you know you'll both have a blast doing.

2. Plan Ahead

Now that you know what your plans are, it's time to lock them down. That means making reservations and any other plans you have to do ahead of time.

Because no one wants to show up to a restaurant and have no tables available. Or heading out to play mini-golf and find the facility closed for a private party.

Do your homework.

And make sure to inform your date of the night's activities ahead of time. That way they'll know how to dress appropriately and can do any pre-date preparations that make then feel ready and raring to go when the night arrives.

3. Be Creative

Sure, going to the movies is a traditional date night activity. But how much can you really interact with your date if you're sitting silently through a movie?

To make it more memorable, think outside the date box and be creative!

Food is always a popular activity to center a date around. But try to make it more than just sitting at dinner. Explore local food trucks together. Take a cooking class. Or even cook a meal together at home.

Afterward, head out to do something fun together!

Try one of your local escape rooms. Race each other at go-karts. Or relax with a bottle of wine and star-gaze.

4. End Your Date on a High Note

When the night comes to an end, you want to leave your date on a positive note. That's the last memory of the date they'll walk away with, so make it count.

There's always the question - should you go in for a good night kiss or not? While there's no fast and steady rule, pay attention to your date to look for clues.

Do they linger around while you're saying your goodbyes? Or do they seem to be in a rush to leave? Are they standing close or are they keeping their distance?

And whether you decide to go in for the kiss, if you had a good time and want to see them again, always seal the deal for a second date. Playing games and waiting a few days before contacting them again isn't the way to end the perfect date.

Knowing How to Plan a Date Can Make for a Night to Remember

Putting the effort into knowing how to plan a date can pay off big time. Not only will your efforts impress your date, but it may also just get you that second date you're hoping for!

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