How To Embrace Cultural Diversity

When you are trying to embrace cultural diversity, you are effectively taking on a new state of mind. This change encompasses you as a whole - in mind, behavior and perspective. Below we will discuss some of the aspects of this change and some tips to help you accept diversity as a whole.

First, you have to put a much stronger filter in your mind to block two very damaging tools: propaganda and stereotypes. All sorts of media from both the public and private sector are filled with generalizations about various cultures and the people within them. These two items cause misunderstanding, ignorance, and can even lead to hatred of others. If you come across a stereotype about a certain culture, analyze it and do some research in order to find the real truth behind the curtain. It will shock you to find out the real story that is being missed when someone blindly accepts a stereotype.

Remembering history is also one way to help you be more open to accepting diversity. A good example to keep in mind when you consider the danger of being narrow in your perspective is that of Hitler's Germany. The lies, propaganda, and hate campaigns waged by the Nazis before and during the Second World War led to the slaughter of six million innocent people. Using the members of another group as scapegoats was simple to do by using powerful propaganda, fear tactics, and lies. The Nazis heavily depended on current stereotypes and hatred for their purposes, and only had to amplify these to make them effective. It is startling that so many fell in line with such beliefs without trying to see through them for what they were. Being one of the herd is dangerous, and being willing to question will keep your mind aware and open to these kinds of tools. By studying history and learning the true story about different events and their consequences you will see the advantages of keeping an open mind to various cultures.

Also, there are numerous advantages to accepting diversity. The new experiences and friends you will gain, and the things that you will learn, are innumerable. Your perspective and experience will be broadened unbelievably when you work to explore and learn about other cultures. You will also have the opportunity to become multilingual if you so choose, and are willing to put in the time and effort to learn the language associated with each particular culture. This will also make you more valuable in a diverse world, where being able to communicate with many is a key requirement of success.

Embracing cultural diversity starts with your own willingness to change your thoughts and behavior toward others who are different from yourself. This acceptance not only improves your life, but can improve that of others when they see and follow your positive example. By being a leader in this new way of thinking and acting, you will see a change in yourself and others, and, eventually, in society itself.


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