How To Remove Your Eye Makeup

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It is important for the health of your skin to remove any makeup before going to bed each night. Leaving makeup on your skin overnight can clog your pores and lead to acne. Leaving eye makeup on overnight can result in the makeup getting into your eye, causing irritation and possibly infection.  While it's important to remove eye makeup, it can be tricky because the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive. Below are a variety of product suggestions, along with instructions on how to use each.

  1. Olive Oil. Olive oil is an excellent, natural way not only to remove eye makeup but to condition the lashes as well.
    Directions: Soak a cotton ball with olive oil and wipe gently over the eye area. Remove excess olive oil with a warm, damp washcloth. For a more luxurious experience, slightly warm the olive oil before applying.
  2. Vaseline. Vaseline is another gentle eye makeup remover. Like olive oil, the cost is low and it is gentle on your skin.
    Directions: Apply a small amount over the eye area using your fingers. Use a damp, warm wash cloth to remove the Vaseline and eye makeup. Eyeshadow and eyeliner come off quickly using this method.
  3. Cold Cream. Cold cream is not only a great makeup remover, it also conditions the surrounding skin.
    Directions: Apply cold cream to eye area with your fingers. Use a damp, warm washcloth to remove both the cold cream and your eye makeup.
  4. Disposable, pre-moistened eye makeup remover towelettes are the quickest and most convenient way clean makeup from your face. No water or additional towels are necessary when using these wipes. They are also convenient to pack for overnight trips.
    Directions: Simply wipe the eye area with the pre-moistened towelette to remove makeup.
  5. Sensitive Skin. Baby shampoo and/or baby oil work wonderfully to remove eye makeup and to condition the lashes. They are also gentle on sensitive skin.
    Directions: Soak a cotton ball with either baby shampoo or baby oil, apply to the eye area, and then rinse the area using a damp, warm washcloth. Remember to be very gentle when rubbing off the makeup.


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