How To Remove Lip Make-Up

I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who has unsuccessfully attempted to scrub off particularly persistent red lipstick after a date and thought nothing of it...only to wake up in the morning with it smeared across my face, gluing my hair to my forehead and glowing between my teeth.   

Never fear!  There IS a way to prevent this.  In order to remove lip make-up: 

  1. Gently rub the same cleanser you're using on your face onto your lips to remove the first layer of lip color.
  2. Then saturate a cotton ball with toner (take care to select toner with a low alcohol content, as alcohol will dry out your lips), and gently swipe the ball across your lips -- that should eliminate most, if not all, of the offending pigment.
  3. Your lip color should be history by now, but if it's lingering, never fear.  Simply put petroleum jelly, cold cream, butter, ghee, mineral oil, or any thick facial moisturizer on a tissue and rub it into your lips in circular motions.  Doing so will not only remove any last traces of lip color, but will also restore moisture to that pretty pout!

Now, since we've discussed treatment, we also need to discuss prevention; if you take proper care of your lips in the first place, your lipstick won't be so stubborn when you're trying to scrape it off.

  1. Always keep that kisser super-soft and hydrated!  This may sound like a no-brainer, but the skin on our lips is even thinner and more delicate than our facial skin, so it needs even more TLC.

  • It's a good idea to apply a super-moisturizing agent like petroleum jelly or coconut oil right before bed every night- you'll wake up in plump, prime condition for lip service!
  • Never, ever, EVER lick your lips- you are not a spaniel, and nobody will want to kiss you either.  Licking not only dries out and chaps your lips, but it can turn them a less-than-gorgeous shade of brown.  You'll also eat a whole bunch of lipstick, which you probably won't find in the latest Zone diet book.
  • Lastly, please remember to ALWAYS remove ALL of your make-up, not just your lip make-up, every night before you hit the sack...unless, of course, you like the idea of all those chemicals and oily dirt balls clogging your pores and causing your next breakout...  


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