How To Buy, Clean and Care for Platinum Jewelry

When you decide to purchase a high quality piece of jewelry, platinum is always a good choice because it is very strong and durable. This also makes it an excellent setting for diamonds and other precious gemstones. In addition, platinum is more pure than other types of precious metal and because of this, it is hypoallergenic.


  Tips to Buy Platinum:

  1. Look for markings that will assure you of the quality of your platinum, which includes 950 Plat, 950Pt, Pt950, Plat, 900Pt, Pt900, or 900Plat.

  • Understand that each of these markings refers to the percentage of platinum used in the piece.
  • Expect platinum to cost more than gold or white gold, but know that in return it will be more durable and will hold up to everyday wear well.
  • Realize that unlike gold, platinum will not oxidize, fade and change color over time. It will also hold on to its luster longer.
  • Try on different platinum styles and see what suits your taste and your budget.
  • Select a platinum jewelry piece that you will feel good wearing for many years to come.
  • If you don't see anything you love, shop around or talk to a reputatable jeweler about designing your own piece.
  • Ask for a written appraisal of your jewelry at the time of sale, or have it appraised separately to confirm the value.

  • Tips to Clean Platinum:

    1. Take the time to clean your platinum jewelry on a regular basis.
    2. Realize that you can clean platinum the same way you would clean gold.
    3. Purchase a jar of jewelry cleaner and gently rub the cleaner on your jewelry using a very soft cloth.
    4. If you have gems in a platinum setting, check with a professional jeweler to find out how best to clean them.

    Tips to Care for Platinum:

    1. When you put your platinum jewelry away, keep it separate from your other jewelry so it doesn't scratch anything else, or get scratched.
    2. Store your pieces either in a jewelry box or a soft cloth bag.
    3. Bring your platinum to a professional jeweler twice a year to have it polished and cleaned.  (Make sure that the jeweler is trained to care for platinum.)
    4. If any scratches appear on your platinum, ask a trained jeweler to remove them professionally.
    5. Understand that over time, platinum acquires a beautiful natural luster. If you prefer a shinier look, ask a jeweler to polish it for you.


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