How To Understand Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

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Did you ever notice that your hair seems to look better in the summer? This is because the sunlight actually improves your hair's condition. Laser treatment is a non-surgical procedure based on this same principle. Using a hand-held laser device, also known as a laser comb, you can make your hair thicker and healthier. While laser treatments in a salon can be very expensive and time consuming, using a laser comb at home has proven to be an effective and convenient solution for many people.

Here's how laser treatment works:

  1. The laser comb contains multiple therapeutic soft low-light lasers that are emitted to the scalp using a few dozen rotating laser positions.
  2. The beams of light, which are cold, provide nourishment and energy for the scalp and also improve the circulation.
  3. This stimulates the scalp and hair follicles so that they will absorb more oxygen and nutrients.
  4. As a result of this improved state, the user is often able to stop hair loss and even grow more hair.
  5. The key to this process working correctly, however, is for the laser energy from the comb to be distributed at the correct power and wavelength. Without those conditions met, the comb will not be effective. Consequently, some of the less expensive, low-power laser combs on the market may not achieve the results users seek. Therefore, beware of inexpensive options that promise results but may not deliver.

Here's what you can expect:

  1. Users can expect to find slight improvements in the first few months, such as shinier, thicker hair.
  2. Over time, hair should get stronger and the thickness should improve.
  3. Any scalp irritation and dandruff experienced in the past should also get better as the hair gets healthier.
  4. Many users notice improvement within several months, but keep in mind that the process could take a year or more for significant results.


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