How To Choose a Short Hair Style

If you've had long hair for a while and are ready for a complete change of pace, try one of the trendy new short hairstyles. These are easy to take care of, and look good on many different face shapes. If you think you would like to try a short hairdo, here are some things to consider as you choose which one will best suit you:

    1. Look through magazines and hairstyle books to find the short hairstyles you like the best.
    2. Remember to take into account your hair texture when selecting a style. For instance, a very fine, straight style will be hard to achieve with thick, curly hair, and a thick, wavy look won't look the same with straight, shiny tresses.
    3. Talk to your hairstylist for guidance.
    4. He or she can give you some ideas of which will--or won't--work with your hair type.
    5. Consider what type of maintenance and care you are willing to invest in keeping the short style. Some shorter styles that work well with your hair type can be easy to do every day, but do require regular trims to keep the shape.
    6. Define what you mean when you think of "short." Is this just above your shoulders, to your chin or above your ears? This will be an important point in trying to find the right style for your taste.
    7. A short, fashionable hairstyle is a great way to show off pretty accessories like dangling earrings, necklaces and pretty scarves.
    8. Think about getting a cut that is versatile. With the right hair texture, some short haircuts lend themselves to both polished and tousled looks.
    9. If you are very nervous about how you will look with short hair, try pulling you hair back or up in various styles to see how you like having your ears exposed and your neck bare.
    10. Look at styles that will make the most of your face and features.
    11. If you have a round face, try one with a side part to slim your cheeks.
    12. For a thin face, select a cut with fullness at the sides.
    13. For a large nose, go for height at the crown to add balance.
    14. For sharp features, consider a wavy style to soften the look.
    15. Bangs are a good choice if you have a high forehead.
    16. Talk with your hairstylists for other ideas to accentuate your best features or minimize those you don't like.


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