How To Choose Very Short Hair Styles

Very short hair can be extremely playful and sexy. The key, though, to getting the best results from short hair is in the cut and the styling. If you are considering getting a very short cut, here are some things to think about:

  1. Do some research to see what type of very short styles appeal to you. The sky is the limit today, so flip through fashion and hairstyle magazines to get some ideas that you like.
  2. Be prepared to invest in a really great cut. With a very short style, the shape of the cut takes on the utmost importance.
  3. Bring your stylist one or more photos of what you are looking for so he or she can tell you if it will work with your hair and your face.
  4. Consider a very short style that will be very versatile. Ask the stylist if you will be able to change the look for the cut by making it curly or straight when you use the right styling products.
  5. Don't get stuck on a cut that won't work with your features and overall face shape. Short hair can be difficult to wear so you want to pick a style that will look great with your assets and your hairstylist can help steer you in the right direction. Be open to suggestions from a trained expert.
  6. very short hairConsider a cut that uses razor techniques to lighten short hair and make it look more choppy and sexy.
  7. Think about a trying a very short, very tousled look, which can be ultra feminine.
  8. Keep your lifestyle in mind when selecting the right cut. If you have little time for maintenance, make sure you try a hairstyle that takes very little time to style or will look good just air-dried without any fuss.
  9. Be prepared to buy professional styling products, as these can help make your very short hair shine.
  10. Ask your stylist for product suggestions and for advice on how to use them right.
  11. To give a very short cut a very appealing look, ask your stylist if a perm would be a good choice for you. A root or pin curl perm can add volume and give you more lift if you need it.
  12. Add some highlights to help your very short hair catch the light and make it more feminine and modern.
  13. If your hair is very fine, soften a very short cut by having it follow the shape of your head and taper at the nape.
  14. Ask your stylist for other ideas on ways to make a very short haircut very sexy and attractive.
  15. Whatever very short style you chose, enjoy it and wear it proudly!


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