How To Bleach Your Hair: Bleaching Hair at Home

Get Bleached Hair Without Going to a Salon

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If you want to lighten your hair, you may decide to bleach it. Bleaching is a process that removes the color from your hair. It is usually effective, but needs to be done correctly or you may not get the results you were hoping for.

Here are some home hair coloring tips and other things you should know ahead of time before you try to bleach your hair at home:

  1. Select a bleaching kit from your local drugstore, hair supply shop or discount store.
  2. Look for one that is formulated to lighten your natural hair color. Some bleaches are made specifically for darker hair. Be careful when you lighten dark brown hair or black hair because it may take a little longer than if you have lighter hair.
  3. Read the package to make sure that one kit will be enough to cover your hair length. If you aren't sure, buy a second kit so you won't run out while bleaching hair at home.
  4. Prepare by gathering the necessary tools you will need. For instance, you will probably want an old towel, a bowl, scissors and a timer.
  5. Put on an old shirt or robe that you won't mind ruining.
  6. Spread newspaper on your tabletop and floor so if the bleach drips, you won't ruin anything.
  7. Read the directions carefully before bleaching your hair.
  8. Most bleaching kits have you mix the bleach packet with the liquid developer to make a creamy paste.
  9. Apply the paste generously using an applicator brush.
  10. Some hair stylists recommend starting at the back of your head and working your way to the front and the top of your hair.
  11. Once you've covered your whole head with the mixture, pull all of your hair up on top of your head and put on a plastic cap. The heat that generates inside the cap will help the paste set.
  12. Use the guide on the bleach package so you will know how long to leave the bleach on. Set the timer accordingly.
  13. Be sure to check the color periodically before the time is up to be sure that your hair doesn't get too light.
  14. Understand that if you keep the paste on for too long, you could overprocess your hair.
  15. When the shade of your hair is the lightness you desire, thoroughly rinse your hair to remove all of the bleach.
  16. Shampoo and condition your bleached hair.
  17. Dry your hair to see the results!

Now you know how to bleach your hair!


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