Apply Smoky Eye Makeup: Get the Smoky Eyes Look

Use These Tips when Applying Dramatic Eye Makeup

Girl with dramatic eyeshadow

The eyes truly have it when you want to convey the come-hither look; however, there is a fine line between looking like a smoky-eyed temptress and a rabid raccoon. These dramatic eye makeup tips can help you create the look you intended. Here's how to achieve seductive peepers without the raccoon quality.

  1. Analyze Eye Color and Shape Take a look at your eye color and decide on the colors that make them pop. Brown-eyed gals make violets and blues even more electric, while blue eyes take grays, browns and blues to new depths of seductiveness. Now look at the shape. Are you longing for cat eyes, but trapped in a round-eyed body? Then slightly extend the drawn lines of shadows and liners. Almond-shaped eyes that want to appear rounded should do just the opposite and stick close to the natural shape of the eye. If you are still having trouble deciding what colors work best, then gather all of your eye makeup (liners and shadows) and put small swatches of color around your eye. You will be able to tell immediately which color works best. If all else fails, use basic black or brown.
  2. Gather Tools and Take a Look at the Brow At this stage in the game, look at the brows and see if you need to clean them up. A perfectly groomed or arched brow can open up the face and make it look perfectly polished, even without makeup.
  3. Prep for Application Keep in mind that you want to use liners in conjunction with shadows. The liner will intensify and accentuate the eye, while the shadows give that smoky quality. If need be, now is the time to apply concealer. Use a light hand and pat the concealer in place while making sure to cover those often forgotten places, like the inner corners of the eye.
  4. Begin Application Use these smoky eye makeup techniques to apply the color. Take a look at your shadows and commit this rule to memory; the lightest shadow goes directly on the brow bone (that is the area right under the brow), the second shadow with medium intensity in color goes under the lightest shadow. Finally, the darkest shade sits directly on top of the lid, that is, close to the lashes. As you apply, remember to use a light hand and pause to check your progress. Admiring your handiwork from time to time will allow you to see where you need to deposit more color.
  5. Reach for the Liner Use your free hand to pull the eye taut and with the other hand, rim your eye while staying very close to the lashes. Make sure you are lining from the very inner part of the eye and coming out. Then, line the inner rim under the eye. If you can stand the pain, line the white area of the eye (the area that sits right on top of the lower lashes). If this proves to be too difficult, then line the eye taking care to stick very close to the lashes beneath the eye. Keep in mind that the closer you get to the lashes (or ideally, directly in under the pupil), the fiercer you will look. By lining the eyes farther away from the lower lashes, a more doe-eyed look is achieved.
  6. The Sexy Beast Stand back and survey your look. Clean up smudges where needed and apply either a pale pink or beige color to the lips. If you are going on a date, let your hair fluff out (the poor guy won't know what hit him!) and if going to work, sweep the hair either up or back (as long as it's off the face), put on your power suit, and get ready to rule the world.


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