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If you invest a great deal of money in your suits, you may want to consider having one custom made for you instead of buying one right off of the rack. Custom-made suits are designed to fit your specific measurements. You select the fabric, cut and details you want and the custom tailor works with you to design a suit that perfectly fits your body, your personality and your taste. While you can expect to spend more for a custom-made suit than a ready-to-wear option, and can also expect to make much more of a time investment working with the tailor, the end result will be well worth it. Custom-made suits have impeccable details, feel great to wear and are made to last a very long time. If you are considering having a suit made for you, here are suggestions to help you find a custom tailor in your area who is up to the challenge:

  1. Talk to the salesperson at the nicer stores where you purchase your clothes. Some of the finer department and specialty clothing stores offer custom alterations and may be able to recommend a tailor who does the high quality kind of work you want.
  2. Check at your local dry cleaners to find out if they have a tailor on their premises who can do custom work.
  3. Look in your phone book for a list of tailors in your area.
  4. Do a search online through one of the electronic yellow pages to find places that do custom tailoring.
  5. Ask other people you work with who are well-dressed for suggestions. They may have a custom tailor they can recommend.
  6. Find out what experience the tailor has. Many people say they can custom-make a suit but you want to find someone who excels in this area, so ask lots of questions to make sure that the tailor will meet your high standards.
  7. Talk to the tailor about your ideas and what you want in the end result. You need to find a tailor whose vision and taste fits with yours.
  8. Ask the tailor to describe the sewing process. Will most of the sewing and cutting work be done by hand or will a lot of it be done by machine? This can vary from tailor to tailor and you want to know what you will be paying for.
  9. Ask to see samples of custom suits. If the tailor has any jobs waiting to be picked up, study the quality of the cut, stitching and detail work to get a feel for the tailor's ability. If no samples are available, ask for photographs of other jobs so you can at least get an idea of what the tailor has accomplished. You might also ask for references from a few satisfied customers.
  10. Bring photos of suit styles and details that you like. You can ask the tailor to incorporate different features into something that meets all of your requirements.
  11. Opt for something classic, since you will want this suit to last a very long time.
  12. Talk to the tailor about your expectations for the fine details, such as the pockets, buttons, zipper, cuffs and crotch area. Special attention to these areas really distinguish a first-class custom job from a ready-to-wear suit.
  13. Once you decide on a style, expect to visit the tailor multiple times for fittings.
  14. Consider having a few custom shirts made at the same time.
  15. If the tailor uses a custom-made pattern for your clothing, ask about having this saved so you can use it for future custom-clothing orders as long as your measurements don't change dramatically.


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