Getting Rid of Gray Hair: How to Color Gray Hair

Check out These Hair Color Ideas for Gray Hair

For many people, gray hair is a fact of life. Hair can begin graying at an early age; even some teenagers notice a few gray hairs. By our thirties or forties, most of us will have at least some gray. Since people commonly feel that this makes them look older, many choose to apply hair color. If you are considering ways to get rid of your gray hair, there are a few things to keep in mind. While there's no way to reverse it, some of these hair coloring techniques will help to cover it. Check out these tips:

  1. Ask the pros. Schedule a consultation with a reputable salon to have an assessment of your hair's overall condition. Hair-coloring products can be damaging, so you want to be sure that your hair is as healthy as possible before you begin. A salon color specialist is best qualified to provide hair color ideas and advise you on methods of masking the gray and applying color. You may choose to have the color applied professionally or you may prefer to purchase products designed for home use. If you decide to apply it yourself, continue reading the following steps.
  2. how to get rid of gray hairSelect a shade. It will be less noticeable that you colored your hair if you choose a shade close to your natural color.  However, you may prefer to experiment with a whole new look. Whatever you decide, remember that your result will vary a bit from the color on the box. Hair-coloring products work with your existing color, so there will be variations from person to person.
  3. Make a commitment. Different types of products last for varying amounts of time. Some wash out in six to eight shampoos, some in about a month and some methods are permanent. If you are a first-time user, you may want to begin with temporary color to see how you feel about the result.
  4. Blend in. If you have only a small amount of gray hair, you may want to consider applying highlights instead of whole-head color. By introducing several shades into your natural color, the gray hairs will be much less noticeable.
  5. Read the instructions. No matter what type of formula you choose, be sure to familiarize yourself with the package directions before getting started. For the best results, follow them exactly.
  6. Maximize the effect. Apply hair color to the grayest areas of your head first to allow the mixture ample time to work. Typically, people have more gray hair at their temples and crown than they do toward the back of their heads.
  7. Timing is everything. Leave the color solution on your hair for the longest time allowed by  instructions. Gray hair can be stubborn, so don't rinse until you have to.
  8. Lighten up. To extend the time between touch-ups, consider lightening your hair a few shades if you are a brunette. Gray hairs are less visible on blondes than on those with dark locks.


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