How To Buy Balenciaga Accessories

If you pride yourself on being on top of the latest fashion trends, you may have a Balenciaga handbag in your closet (or at least on your wish list). Balenciaga handbags are all the rage right now, and have been seen on the arms of many celebrities throughout the United States and abroad. And while the Balenciaga name today signifies a modern, luxurious style, this high-end line dates back to 1915. That's when the first Balenciaga boutique was opened by Cristobal Balenciaga and gained a reputation for its rich, classic style of clothing and accessories. In fact, the House of Balenciaga's regular clientele included many royalty figures.

If you want to purchase Balenciaga accessories, be prepared to pay for the high quality. For instance, a Balenciaga handbag usually retails for more than $1,000. Here are some things you should know if you want to add some Balenciaga style to your accessory wardrobe:

    1. Visit to learn more about the latest collections and to get the addresses of the Balenciaga boutiques, which are located in New York and Paris.  Colors available change seasonally and you can familiarize yourself with the latest offerings here.
    2. Balenciaga offers a variety of accessories including handbags, jewelry, watches and shoes.
    3. Balenciaga uses a very soft, light goat leather that is extremely distressed to get that slouchy, casual, chic look that characterize its bags.
    4. In addition to Balenciaga boutiques, only exclusive department stores like Barney's, Neiman Marcus and Saks and a few other very high-end shops carry these accessories.  Balenciaga DOES NOT sell its products online and does not allow stores to, either.  There are many Balenciaga imitations available today and it is important to be selective in buying these products so you don't get duped.  Check out some genuine Balenciaga products so you will be able to recognize the details of a real bag. For instance, notice how the tassels are tied, which is difficult to replicate, and also realize that the ties should be soft and light, like the rest of the bag, and shouldn't be firm.  Check the zipper and the loops to see the quality.  Also, notice the serial number. The top number tells the leather batch that the product came from, and the bottom number is the style number. If all of the bags you are looking at have the same batch number, that may be an indication that the bags are not genuine.
    5. If you do plan to buy a Balenciaga bag on eBay or through another reseller, be sure to ask lots of questions and request a receipt proving the bag was bought from a Balenciaga dealer.
    6. If you don't have a store that sells Balenciaga in your area, call a store or boutique and ask them to ship you the accessory you desire.  If you order from a Balenciaga boutique, the store doesn't accept returns but does offer a merchandise credit within two weeks of the purchase.
    7. Don't be surprised if you get on a waiting list for the latest items. There is very high demand for these products.
    8. Expect to get what you pay for. If you invest in Balenciaga, you'll find that the accessories are very well-made and beautiful to look at, and will become a real staple of your wardrobe.


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