How To Choose a Nail Enamel Polish Color

Nail polish is a fun, EASY way to play with fashion and change your look at the drop of a glove.  The old saying, "You can always tell a lady by her hands" is still true, so take care of them!  When it comes to choosing a shade of nail enamel, the vast rainbow of available shades can be daunting, but don't worry--there are several ways to pinpoint the right shade for you!  You can make a selection based on: 

  1. Season  Just as fashion trends change with the seasons, so should your nail color!  For spring, think fresh, fun flower colors, such as light or candy pinks.
  2. Skin Tone  The skin you're matching is at least as large a consideration as the outfit you're matching!  If you have a fair complexion, blue-based colors will look best on you.  If you have darker skin, stick to yellow-based shades.  It's easy to tell a color's base by holding the bottle up to a white piece of paper-- what color reflection do you see?  If you're mid-shopping trip and plumb out of paper, simply hold the color to the inside of your wrist:  Does it clash or does it look classy?  Here is a general guide to help you out:
    • Fair Skin:  Choose berry reds, as they nearly always have a bit of pink in them.
    • Medium Skin:  Choose deep burgundy or wine colors
    • Olive or Bronze Skin:  Choose orange-reds, browns, or golds
    • Dark Skin:  Choose strong reds, deep plums, or silvers
  3. Occasion  Since your hands will always make an impression, it's important to "polish for the occasion."  For a business meeting or interview, stick to pale neutrals that don't detract attention from your conversational abilities.  You can get a bit more daring with tropical or bright colors for a date or dinner with the girls.  For an evening event, try a dark, more intense color.
  4. Personality  Despite all these "rules," don't forget to be yourself!  In ancient China, only those of royal bloodlines were allowed to wear dark nail enamel colors, on penalty of death!  Luckily, that's not the case today, so take advantage of your fashion freedom and take a chance on a color you love, but aren't sure you can get away with--you might be surprised.  

And remember that no matter what color you end up flaunting, don't put it on naked nails--colored polishes tend to highlight every bump and blemish you've got (much like bad foundation does for your face), so lay down a layer of basecoat first. 


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