How To Buy and Use an Ultrasonic Nail Polish Remover

Photo of metallic nail polish

The Ultrasonic Nail Polish Remover is my new favorite thing -- not only does it remove nail polish in less than thirty seconds, but it also removes (drum roll please) ACRYLICS!! And wraps and silks and gels, oh my!  This brilliant and long-awaited invention uses cutting-edge technology, and is the fastest and safest way to remove fake nails -- it works at least three times faster than conventional methods of nail removal, and eliminates the risk of damaging your natural nails.  The basic rundown is as follows: the machine heats acetone, and then uses ultrasonic vibrations to agitate it.  This causes the acetone to immediately penetrate and soften your artificial nails without hurting your real nails at all.

Now, technology this fabulous isn't cheap OR easy to find, but worry not - - you can nearly always find ultrasonic removers  on and the beauty site I've listed above (look for the Salon Tech Sonic Touch TM 3 -- it's very popular, and one of the most effective models available today). The full list price is generally in the range of $135-$150, but sometimes if you hunt, you can find them on eBay for around $60-$70.  

So once you get your soon-to-be-nail-free hands on one of these miracle machines, what do you do with it?  It's very easy:

  1. Pour either 100% pure acetone or acrylic remover fluid (these are available at beauty supply stores) into the solution container, and turn on the machine.
  2. Get those ultra-painless ultrasonic waves started.
  3. Hang out and fantasize about how lovely your hands will look with a brand new set for about five minutes, or until the solution warms up.  If you use acrylic remover solution instead of acetone, your nails will come off a bit faster.
  4. Stick all ten fingers into the cozy solution, and LEAVE THEM THERE for at least 10 minutes -- no cheating.
  5. Take your fingers out of the bowl and immediately wipe off as much of the softened acrylic as you can with a paper towel.
  6. If your nails aren't quite ready to come all the way off, just repeat the process. 

Just so you have some idea of how much TV you're going to get to watch, here's a little removal reference chart for you:

  1. Nail polish: 10-45 seconds to remove.
  2. Artificial tips: 2-5 minutes to remove.
  3. Silk wraps or fiberglass: 3-15 minutes to remove.
  4. Acrylics or gel nails: 10-15 minutes to remove.      


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