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Different nail art designs

Nail art designs, much like any other designs, should be created with colors and styles that speak to you. For those of you with pristine French manicures who are secretly dying of boredom, I have an announcement to make: It is well past the millennium and you're no longer confined to plain old pink and white acrylics! It's time to decorate those babies with a little toe nail and finger nail art. Whether you're partial to hand painted nail art designs or airbrushed artistry, nail art is a fun, EASY way to play with fashion and change your look at the drop of a glove. 

There are many types of nail art to choose from, and depending on how fancy you'd like to get, you can even do a few of them yourself!

To update the look of your nails, you can choose from any of the following types of nail art design:

  1. Hand-painted designs These are simple designs (usually flowers) created with regular nail polish and usually accented with puffed and/or glitter paint. It's easiest (unless you're ambidextrous) and usually relatively cheap (often $5-$10) to have them done in a salon, but it is possible to do hand painted nail art designs yourself. Simply cut a toothpick in half and dip the newly blunted end into the polish color of your choice. Then make a circle of five tiny dots, forming a flower. Then add a rhinestone or dash of nail art glitter paint for the center, and you've got yourself some snazzy nails!
  2. Texture techniques This is another easy way to jazz up your nails without going to a salon. Texture techniques involve using regular nail polish and simple household objects to create fabulous designs! A good example is polish swirling: To do this, paint on a thick layer of any nail color you'd like (an intense or bright color works best). Then, using a toothpick, dab a few drops of white or cream onto the layer of color (any light color will work well) and swirl the colors together.
  3. Airbrush designs This can be done at home if you purchase a rather expensive machine, or you can have it done at a salon for a relatively low price. Basically, a machine spray paints a design of your choice onto your nails.
  4. Rhinestones These nail art rhinestones are great as either the centers of flowers, or arranged in a neat row along the edge of your fingernail or toenail.
  5. Nail Art Decals These are tiny nail art stickers that you place over polished or unpolished nails, and then seal with topcoat.
  6. Piercings Believe it or not, people (presumably those who ran out of body parts to pierce) do pierce their nails. If you're brave, ask your nail technician to pierce one nail on each hand with a small hoop or stud. Just be CAREFUL when you're running your hands through your hair!

So how are you supposed to choose between all those nail art ideas and designs, colors, glitters, and jewels? You can base your selection on a number of factors:

  1. Season Just as fashion trends change with the seasons, so should your choice of nail art! For spring, think fresh, fun flowers in light colors, such as candy pink. For fall and winter, choose a seasonal airbrush design, like a snowflake!
  2. Occasion Nail designs make it fun and easy to stay in tune with the holidays. Try little red hearts for Valentine's Day, or cute little pumpkins for Halloween.
  3. Personality Despite all these "rules," don't forget to be yourself and experiment with FUN!

Online classes in art or in design can help you bring your vision to life.


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