How To Get Nail Art

Personalized nail design

If you're no longer satisfied with glossy, monochromatic claws, I've got you covered--you need to discover the whimsical whirls of nail art! There are two ways to get gorgeous, custom-designed nail art--you can either go to a salon, or you can do it yourself. Though I absolutely encourage indulging your creativity, the easiest way to go is toward a salon full of certified nail technicians while bearing a fistful of cash, if only to save yourself a migraine. Trained nail artists can offer you several different types of nail art, and their services usually don't cost much at all. Next time you go to the salon, just ask to see their selection of airbrush designs, hand-painted designs, and nail decals--believe me, they'll be more than happy to help you spend your money.

Now, if you're more worried about your pocketbook than your mental health, or are just incredibly artistically inclined, go ahead and try to decorate your nails yourself. If you are NOT artistically inclined, and are instead just brazenly ballsy or have inhaled large quantities of acetone, please consider this a warning: THIS IS NOT AN EASY UNDERTAKING!!! You'll likely wind up with more paint on your walls and inside your nose than on your nails, but if you insist on giving it a go, here's how you do it:

  1. First of all, buy yourself an at-home Airbrush System. You can usually find them for between $125-175, but you'll likely have the best luck online.
  2. Pick up as many copies of the local paper as you can carry, because this is going to get messy.
  3. Apply an airbrush base coat to your nails (either natural or artificial) and let them dry.
  4. Follow the package directions to load your airbrush with the base color you'd like your nails to be, and spray all ten nails lightly with color.
  5. Place your nail mask or stencil of choice over your nails, and spray them with a contrasting color.
  6. Add a few rhinestones, pearls, or dashes of glitter, and voila! Nobody will know that you didn't just step right out of a Beverly Hills Salon.
  7. You may also want to invest in a Nail Art Kit.  These starter kits usually contain a smorgasbord of paints, rhinestones, decals, and jewels, along with nail-decorating instructions, so you can either accentuate your gorgeous, homemade nail art, or try desperately to distract others from the horrible mess you made with sparkly rhinestones.
  8. If you're coming to the end of this article and you're in tears, never fear: just trot down to the drugstore, buy a pack of pre-airbrushed nails in the design of your choice, and super-glue those babies on. Problem solved.

Remember though that just because you're accustomed to admiring your fingernails doesn't mean you should neglect your toenails--they could use a little creative color too!


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