How To Choose a Shaving Cream

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Male or female, I bet you spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom each week, shaving your hair down to the smooth skin below.  There are formulas out there marketed specifically for men and women as well--though your main focus should just be finding a formula that works well with your skin.
With all of the choices out there, how do you find what works for you without spending a pretty penny and far too much time shaving?  Here is what to look for, and a few recommendations from us: 

  1. Moisture is a must!  When shaving, you are opening up the pores in your skin, making it very easy for them to dry out.  Finding a cream that is moisturizing should be top priority.
  2. Avoid regular soap at all costs. You may be tempted to use hand soap in a pinch, but don't do it.  That kind of soap will only dry out your skin, let alone not leave you with the close shave that you are looking for.  Gourmet "shaving soaps," however, are considered some of the finest products to use when shaving. 
  3. Sensitive formulas are great for everyone. Even if your skin could stand up to the harshest of treatments, there's no need to force it to do so on a daily basis.  You will still get a close, lasting shave using a blend for sensitive skin.  You'll also reduce the amount of chemicals your skin is forced to absorb, which is always a plus.

  4. Foaming is not required for a close shave. Some of those chemicals that make those creams foam are not the best for your skin to absorb.  A smooth gliding blend can give you the same close shave that you desire, so don't pass these by.
  5. Scents are temporary. The only reason my boyfriend hasn't wanted to use my formula is because he is worried about smelling like flowers or fruit all day.  Any scent that you will find in shaving creams is very temporary, lasting only an hour or so.

When it comes to brands, there are, of course, the most popular ones: Gillette and Skintimate.  At least twice a year, these giants tout the benefits of their new formulas on the market.  Though there is no denying their products are effective, there are some smaller brands you should check out as well.  

  • Tom's of Maine  Their creams use pure vegetable ingredients to provide skin conditioning and comfort while shaving. Coconut and olive oils protect and condition the skin and possess excellent lubrication qualities.  Though only 2 scent options are available--mint or calendula--they are enjoyable and refreshing.
  • Alba Botanica  Organic ingredients are the main base of these creams, and they are not tested on animals.  Made for a man or a woman, these moisturizing cream shaves are specially formulated to protect against drying and chafing, for an exquisitely clean, close shave.  In the scent department, you have 2 to choose from--coconut lime or mango vanilla.
  • King of Shaves  Trademarked as giving the "world's best shave," this company has an extensive line for both men and women.  No matter your skin sensitivity or the area you are shaving, you'll find something good from these folks.
  • Kiss My Face  All their products are good for face and body shaving.  Also, they contain no animal ingredients, no artificial colors, and were not tested on animals.  With over 10 different scents, all of which are subtle, this is a good line for all.


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