How To Learn Eye Makeup Tips

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Eye makeup can enhance any woman's appearance. As with any other type of makeup application, however, there is a technique involved for getting it to look just right. Too much eye makeup--or eye makeup that is applied incorrectly--can make you look as though you are ready for Halloween. Here are some tips on eye makeup:

  1. Choose your products wisely. All eye makeup products are not created equal. Look for waterproof products that will have longer lasting staying power.
  2. Eye shadow. Eye shadow, when properly applied, can really open up your eyes. Don't try to "match" your eye shadow color to the color of your clothing, though. Instead, choose eye shadow colors that will complement your eye color. For blue eyes, that means go for tan, taupe and brown eye shadows.  Neutral shades of plum enhance green eyes. And brown-eyed girls are really lucky--just about any neutral shade of eye shadow can work for dark eyes.
  3. Eye shadow application tips. Don't apply a heavy coat of dark or glittery eye shadow. Instead, lightly sweep the color up to your brow bone. For highlighting, choose a lighter shade of shadow just under the brow and a darker shade on the eyelid. If your eyes are close-set, apply darker shadow on the outer corner of your eyelids and blend well.
  4. Eye liner. Eye liner can be a great tool but it must be carefully applied. Liquid eyeliners can be heavy and harsh looking, so only line your eyes with them if you have mastered the application. Blendable pencil eyeliners are much easier to work with. Line the top of your eyelid as close to the lashes as you can. You can then smudge the liner with a Q-tip to blend it in. Line lower lashes the same way. Never line the inside of your eyelids--this can result in an eye infection.
  5. Mascara. Mascara is one of the most popular eye makeup products on the market, but it must be handled with care. It is highly recommended that you use waterproof mascara, as other types can run and smudge more easily. Apply a coat of mascara to your top and bottom lashes, wait a minute and then apply a second coat as needed. Eye makeup comes in many colors, but it's best to go with a shade that complements your hair color. For example, heavy black mascara will look harsh on a pale blonde.
  6. Eye makeup remover. Remember to remove your eye makeup before you go to bed. There are many wonderful eye makeup removal products on the market--most are just applied to the eye area with a cotton ball to remove the makeup. You can also use petroleum jelly to remove your eye makeup--just be sure not to get any in your eyes!

All makeup products--and especially eye makeup products--will eventually go bad. Toss any products that smell funny, especially mascara which only has a shelf life of a couple of months once it is opened. Also, never share eye makeup products with your friends. The eye is a sensitive area and infections and bacteria can be spread back and forth very easily.  And always wash eye makeup applicators in hot, soapy water after you use them.


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