How To Choose a Prom Hair Style


Prom is an important time for any teenager girl. An amazing hair style will take your prom look from ordinary to movie star. Choosing the right hair style for your prom is not as hard as you think.

  1. Who will be doing your hair? Most girls pay for a salon to professionally do their hair, while some insist on doing it themselves. If you are going to a salon, you must schedule an appointment 3-4 weeks in advance. Many girls all over your city will be going through the same prom time, so you want to make sure you have a spot secured. Bring in a picture of your desired look and communicate clearly with your stylist so as to be sure she knows exactly what you want. If you are not sure what kind of look you want, talk to your stylist a few days before prom night and ask for her suggestions. When you do go in to have your hair done, wear a button-up shirt. This will make it easier to change without having to pull a shirt up and over your beautiful hair style. You should expect to pay anywhere from $30-$100 for your hair, depending on how upscale the salon is. This is not the time to do something drastic with your hair. Prom is all about being glamorous and pretty, so save your new hair cut or dye job for another day.
  2. If you are doing your prom hair style yourself, pick something simple and within your capabilities. It is a good idea to go through one or more test drives before the big night. I always find it easier to style hair that has not been washed that day. This is because the hair is not as slick, thus making it easier to manage and stay in place. When doing your prom hair style by yourself, you may find it discouraging that you cannot do the more complex things that a stylist can do. A simple bun or French twist looks very glamorous with a few hanging tendrils and either a faux flower or pretty clips. The simple look of a half ponytail, ponytail, or just leaving your hair down can be glamorized with the help of accessories. I have seen a great number of simple ponytails and buns worn by stars on the red carpet and they do not look one bit frumpy. Be sure your hair has plenty of hair spray and bobby pins in to keep your hair in place while you are dancing the night away.
  3. Your perfect hairstyle can be determined by the dress you are wearing to prom. If you are wearing a dress with spaghetti straps, try a sleek, pulled back pony tail. If you are wearing a halter dress, a great hair style would be a half updo. Lastly, if your dress is strapless, think about wearing your gorgeous locks down to balance out your look. If you have shorter hair, then consider yourself lucky. Short hair can look glamorous with any dress and does not require as much work as longer hair does. Invest in some cute clips or a faux flower and pin your hair back to make it look more festive. Short hair can be pinned to the side or in twists on top of the head for a glamorous look. Flipping the hair out with a curling iron also transforms your hair from everyday to prom queen.
  4. Whether you have your hair styled by a professional or by yourself, there is always the chance of something going wrong. If the style from the salon does not turn out how you hoped or you cannot manage to put your hair how you want it, do not fret. Apply hair serum through your hair to promote shininess and eliminate frizz. Then straighten your hair or twist it into a simple ponytail. Or if your complicated hair style falls out in the middle of your crazy dancing, just excuse yourself to the restroom and either let your hair down or secure your hair into a ponytail, if you cannot recreate your original look.

Should your worst case hair scenario unfold, try to keep your focus on fun.  Don't let your prom night be overshadowed by a bad hair day.


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