How To Learn Natural Beauty Tips

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Natural beauty is about enhancing the looks that you have. Play up your best features and use minimal makeup on the rest of your face. You will then have your best face on without looking like you tried at all. You want to be able to see the skin underneath, not the makeup.

  1. Cheekbones  If you have naturally high cheekbones, you might want to use a shimmery pink or brown crème blush (depending on skin tone). Use only one coat of mascara and subtle lip gloss.
  2. Skin  For the person with great skin, no foundation is needed, only a swipe of tinted moisturizer for a sun-kissed look. For dark skin tones, a natural look would consist of gold and bronze eye shadows, blush with brown undertones, and plum or clear lip gloss. Medium skin tones look natural with brown, grays, and mauves on eyes and lips. Be sure to reduce shine with blotting sheets, especially if you have oily skin.
  3. Lips  Naturally plump lips are very sexy and stylish. A dramatic lip color will perfectly show them off. Add a bit of clear gloss to the middle of bottom lip for a dewy, kiss me look. Red lip colors will make teeth appear whiter, so smile a lot! Also, when playing up lips, be sure to keep eye makeup light.
  4. Eyes  You can make beautiful eyes stand out based on the color of them. For blue eyes, swipe a brown or gray eye shadow over lid, then highlight with a pearl blue. Use black liner and black mascara. For green eyes, use a pearl pink over lid and highlight with a soft gold. Try a shimmery lilac in crease area, with a lilac liner and black mascara. For brown eyes, focus on grays, browns, and berries with black liner and black mascara.
  5. Hair  Hair should be in its natural state. Wild and funky hairstyles don't complement the natural look. Always keep hair clean, shiny, and sweet-smelling.
  6. Choosing your colors  Brunettes should include beige, taupe, and browns in their makeup bags. Also try brown eyeliner and bronzer instead of blush. Blondes should look for beige, brown, and peach colors in shimmer or matte textures. Light brown liquid eyeliner will also complement the eyes well.

When purchasing makeup for a natural look, take every feature into account, including skin tone, eye color and hair color.  Play around with colors until you find a makeup style that makes you feel comfortable and not overdone.    


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